Graduate Education

Faculty member Stephanie Phillips leads a class.

The department is currently seeking to establish PhD and MS degree programs in Engineering Education, as well as a graduate certificate program. Please check back to the website for updates (or subscribe to updates) on the status of these programs. 

We will begin to offer graduate courses in the Fall of 2019 in support of our Engineering Science Master’s program in Design of Engineering Training and Curricula. They can also be taken as electives by graduate students in other engineering/applied sciences departments.

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Graduate Certificate

The Advanced Certificate in Engineering Pedagogies and Practices will focus on the practical application of engineering education research findings in the classroom, and will be designed for engineers who want to know how to effectively communicate and impart engineering knowledge to others in a variety of professional contexts, not just in formal classrooms. This program is in the approval process, and applications will not be accepted until final approval is granted.

MS in Engineering Science (Design of Engineering Training and Curricula)

The MS in Engineering Science prepares engineers to move into higher education or industry specializing in the kinds of design work educators and technical communicators in engineering engage with. Students in this degree program will be prepared to teach in higher education settings, develop training in industry, and deliver high quality educational products across media and both global and local contexts.


Choose 4 Courses:

  • DEE 500 Special Topics
  • DEE 501 Foundations
  • DEE 502 Diversity and Inclusion
  • DEE 503 Practicum
  • DEE 504 Intro to Research
  • DEE 510 Experiential Learning
  • DEE 520 Game-based Learning
  • DEE 540 Assessment Methods
  • DEE 599 Supervised Teaching
  • DEE 601 Scaling and Translation
  • EAS 597 Special Topics in Engineering
  • EAS 580 Technical Communication for Engineers

No more than 2:

  • ENG 510 Technical Communication
  • LAI 637 Research in STEM Education
  • ELP 681 Curriculum Design
  • LAI 547 Assessment
  • SOC 606 Social Research Methods
  • APY 508 Qualitative Research Methods
  • COM 504 Research Methods
  • LAI 626 Qualitative Research Methods

Final Project: Thesis or Project (6+ hours of Research Hours)

  • DEE 595 Master’s Research
  • DEE 598 Eng. Ed. Projects

Application Materials

  • Two letters of recommendation
  • GRE Scores
  • Application Fee ($85)
  • Personal Statement
  • College Transcripts

MS in Engineering Education

The MS in Engineering Education program will prepare students to teach introductory engineering at the community college or first-year undergraduate level. This program extends the ability of those with engineering background to teach and to build programs and curriculum across engineering teaching contexts. The program provides a foundational knowledge of engineering epistemology, learning, pedagogy, assessment and diversity/inclusiveness. This program is in the approval process, and applications will not be accepted until final approval is granted.

PhD in Engineering Education

The PhD in Engineering Education program will prepare students to successfully conduct rigorous engineering education research, disseminate the results of that research to other engineering education scholars and translate their findings into classroom practice. The PhD program will provide a thorough introduction to concepts, theories, models, frameworks and pedagogies that are central to engineering education and learning. It will equip students to use a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods and apply them in their selected area of specialization as they develop their engineering education scholarship and expertise. This program is in the approval process, and applications will not be accepted until final approval is granted.