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The Department of Engineering Education supports academics in both graduate and undergraduate areas. 

Graduate Education

The department is currently seeking to establish a PhD in Engineering Education degree program, as well as a graduate certificate program. While we are not yet accepting applications for these programs, we will begin to offer graduate courses as soon as possible.

Graduate Certificate

Courses will initially be available as electives to graduate students in other engineering/applied sciences departments and will eventually form the basis of the forthcoming graduate certificate program. These courses will focus on the practical application of engineering education research findings in the classroom, and will be designed for engineers who want to know how to effectively communicate and impart engineering knowledge to others in a variety of professional contexts, not just in formal classrooms.

PhD Program

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The forthcoming PhD in Engineering Education program will prepare students to successfully conduct rigorous engineering education research, disseminate the results of that research to other engineering education scholars and translate their findings into classroom practice. The PhD program will provide a thorough introduction to concepts, theories, models, frameworks and pedagogies that are central to engineering education and learning. It will equip students to use a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods and apply them in their selected area of specialization as they develop their engineering education scholarship and expertise. 

Please check back to the website for updates (or subscribe to updates) as we work to define, develop and seek authorization for the certificate and PhD programs in Engineering Education.

Undergraduate Education

We support a number of undergraduate education initiatives in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Our faculty members serve as the primary instructional faculty for sophomore and junior-level courses across the school. These courses address subject matter that is common to multiple engineering disciplines. Examples include statics, dynamics, strength of materials, and specialized programming courses.

Our faculty also support parts of the SEAS first-year engineering program, which introduces students to engineering design and helps them explore career opportunities.

Undergraduate Courses Taught by Our Faculty

  • EAS 199 UB Seminar
  • EAS 200 Electrical Engineering Concepts for Non-Majors
  • EAS 207 Statics
  • EAS 208 Dynamics
  • EAS 209 Mechanics of Solids
  • EAS 230 Engineering Computations
  • EAS 240 Introduction to Programming for Engineers
  • EAS 360 STEM Communications
  • EAS 460 Ethics in Engineering and Computing
  • EAS 498 Research/Creative Activity
  • EAS 459/597 Visual Communication & the Design of Complex Information
  • EAS 580 Technical Communication for Engineers
  • MAE 277 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
  • MAE 376 Applied Mathematics for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers
  • ENGL 510 Technical Communication