Chair's Welcome

Carl Lund.

This is an exciting time for the Department of Engineering Education at the University at Buffalo! We officially launched in August 2018 and have begun building our curricula, establishing our degree and certificate programs, and hiring first-class education scholars.

We see a real opportunity to lead by emphasizing, studying and implementing new and effective strategies for propagation, scaling and translation of engineering education research findings into widespread classroom practice. We are not limiting our efforts and studies to research-proven teaching and assessment innovations and interventions.

While the need for those is well-established, we feel there is an even greater need to translate engineering research findings related to inclusiveness and equity into classroom practice. The benefits of increased diversity in the engineering profession will be numerous and substantial. An important step toward achieving that diversity lies in ensuring that engineering education, both formal classes and less formal educational experiences, is welcoming and inclusive.

Our department teaches a variety of undergraduate engineering courses. Our faculty take pride in helping their students learn and grow as engineers. They are constantly assessing their teaching effectiveness and seeking to improve student learning. It’s a tribute to their dedication that they meet regularly and informally just to talk about the latest developments in education and teaching. Undoubtedly, these informal professional interactions lead to continual improvements to the courses they teach.

During 2019, our department will be working to establish PhD and MS degree programs, a graduate certificate program and an engineering technical communications minor. At the same time, we will be searching for engineering education scholars to join our faculty. Aspects of engineering education where we are particularly interested in building research strength include diversity/inclusiveness/persistence, assessment, education technology, online education, the science of learning and engineering epistemology.

Please visit our website often and check in on our progress as we build this new department. As our degree and certificate programs come online, information on each of the programs and how to apply will be added.

Carl Lund
Chair and SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor