Liang Feng Published in Science

"Single-mode laser by parity-time symmetry breaking" co-authored by Liang Feng, Zi Jing Wong, Ren-Min Ma, Yuan Wang and Xiang Zhang.

The paper demonstrates a parity-time symmetry breaking laser with the ability to control the resonant modes at will. In contrast to conventional ring cavity lasers with multiple competing modes, the proposed parity-time microring laser exhibits intrinsic single-mode lasing regardless of the gain spectral bandwidth. Thresholdless parity-time symmetry breaking due to the rotationally symmetric structure leads to stable single-mode operation with the selective whispering gallery mode order. Exploration of parity-time symmetry in laser physics may open a door to next generation of optoelectronic devices for optical communications and computing.

The full article may be viewed on the Science Magazine website.

Published November 20, 2014