Adly Fam and Student Published in IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronics Systems

Interlaced Partition Multiplier .

Figure showing the processing of the concatenated Golay code pair with the proposed chips with the zero sidelobe region around the mainlobe at the output.



"Good Code Sets from Complementary Pairs via Symmetrical/Anti-symmetrical Chips", co-authored by Ravi Kadlimatti and Adly T. Fam  has been accepted for publication in the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronics Systems (TAES).

The preliminary version of this research entitled “Complementary Code Pairs that Share the Same Bandwidth via Symmetrical LFM Chips”, co-authored by Adly T. Fam and Ravi Kadlimatti was presented at the 2015 Military Communications Conference (MILCOM), IEEE.

In this paper it is found that replacing the sinusoidal chip in Golay complementary code pairs by special class of waveforms that satisfy two conditions, symmetry/anti-symmetry and quazi-orthogonality renders the Golay codes immune to frequency selective fading and also allows for concatenating them in time using one frequency/channel results in a zero domain region around the mainlobe while maintaining invariance under frequency selective fading.

Published December 1, 2015