Edward Furlani


Specialty/Research Focus: Computational Physics/Multidisciplinary Modeling: Nanophotonics; Plasmonics and Metamaterials; Optofluidics; MEMS/MOEMS Simulation; Microfluidics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Inkjet Systems; Applied Magnetics; Biomagnetics

Contact Information

113 B Davis Hall 

Buffalo, NY 14260

Phone: (716) 645-1194

Email: efurlani@buffalo.edu

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Research in the Furlani group involves multidisciplinary modeling for emerging applications in the fields of micro and nanoscale science and technology. The main thrust of this work is the development of mathematical methods and models to enable the development of innovative materials and devices with design features and functionality that are engineered at the nanometer to micrometer length scale. Current research interests span the areas of: microfluidics, broad applications with an emphasis on biomedical devices; nanophotonics, metamaterials, plasmonics, biosensing applications; and magnetic particle applications, transport, assembly and bioapplications, magnetic drug delivery, magnetic-assisted gene transfection (magnetofection) and bioseparation.

Research Areas