Undergraduate Special Programs

Computer code

The department offers degree-granting joint academic programs and non-degree-granting certificate programs so students may align their personal interests with their scholarly activities.

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Joint Academic Programs

The department offers special joint academic programs with other university departments so students may craft their own personalized, multi-disciplinary educational experiences.

Cognitive Science is one of six concentration areas in the Social Sciences Interdisciplinary major. It is designed for students interested in using an interdisciplinary approach to study the cognitive aspects of philosophy, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, and computational linguistics, among others.
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Department of Physics jointly offer the Bachelor of Science degree in Computational Physics.


The department offers non-degree-granting certificate programs that enhance our degree programs by conveying deep experience in specific research areas.

Data-intensive computing is a collective solution to address the data deluge that has been brought about by tremendous advances in distributed systems and Internet-based computing.