BS/MS in Computer Science and Engineering

The department offers a program leading to the simultaneous conferral of the BS in Computer Science and MS in Computer Science and Engineering.

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This program has several advantages over separately earning the BS in Computer Science and then the MS in Computer Science and Engineering degrees, including:

  • 134 credit hours compared to 150 credit hours
  • opportunity to compete for graduate financial assistance before BS conferral
  • guaranteed admission to the Graduate School for students making satisfactory progress in the program

Students applying to the BS/MS Program in Computer Science and Engineering can complete the combined program in five years. For purposes of financial aid and tuition, students are considered graduate students in the beginning of their seventh semester of the program (the semester in which the student carries more graduate credits than undergraduate credits).


Students may apply after completing at least 56 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.3 among all required CSE, MTH, and EAS courses.

Transfer students must complete at least one semester at UB before applying to this program.

We recommend that you complete these courses before you apply:

MTH 141 *

MTH 142 *

A calculus-based probability or statistics course

*Unless exempted by an SAT score, Advanced Placement credits, or transfer credits.

Students may apply to the BS/MS program the semester after completing CSE 250 Data Structures, but before enrolling in their third CSE 400 level elective.  After enrolling in their third or subsequent CSE 400 level elective, students are no longer be eligible to apply for the combined BS/MS program. 


To apply to the BS/MS program, prepare a dossier that includes:

  1. A completed Computer Science and Engineering BS/MS Program Application.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from CSE faculty.

Applications, including letters of recommendation, must be received by the following deadlines: August 31 for Fall admission and December 31 for Spring admission.

Submit your dossier to the CSE Undergraduate Academic Advisor.  Applications are reviewed by the Co-Directors of Undergraduate Studies and the Director of Graduate Studies.  CSE will notify applicants via email of the determination.