An article on New York Upstate reports on UB research on embedding self-powered wireless sensors the size of key fobs under roads in order to provide updates on road condition to transportation planners and drivers with connected vehicles, and quotes Wenayo Xu, assistant professor of computer science and engineering.

Industrial and systems engineering alumnus Michael Moskal has been recognized for his contributions to the Florida high tech industry.

An article on Tech Xplore about a UB project that would use networks of self-powered wireless sensors laid under the road surface to provide regular updates on road conditions to transportation planners, drivers with connected cars and others quotes Wenyao Xu, assistant professor of computer science and engineering.
James F. van Oss is passionate about his alma mater and in giving back to the University at Buffalo and the community at large.
An article in Business First about a “Thought Leaders” discussion on the state of cybersecurity reports panelists included Shambhu Upadhyaya, professor of computer science and engineering, who said he wants to see more training and more policies that can be enforced.

System under development harnesses energy from pavement vibrations created by automobiles.

"Being back at my alma mater is my obvious inspiration. I know that UB is one of best in the world. Every day when I leave my office, I think to myself, 'I hope what I did today made UB a better place,' said John Crassidis, who was recently recognized with the celebrated Samuel P. Capen professorship. 

Participants in the Three Minute Thesis competition proved that it's possible to explain complicated research in a brief — and interesting — way.

An article in EdTech Magazine about the one-of-a-kind security that biometrics can provide reports Wenyao Xu, assistant professor of computer science and engineering, is working on a project that uses a 3D image of an individual’s heart, obtained using low-level Dopler radar, for authentication.
An article on AAAS's Eureka Alert reports on the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN), which was held last month in Spain and co-organized by Dimitrios Koutsonikolas, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The conference focused on research at the intersection of embedded systems and wireless networking.