Graduate Special Programs

Cognitive Science

The department offers degree-granting joint academic programs and non-degree-granting certificate programs so students may align their personal interests with their scholarly activities.

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Joint Academic Programs

The department offers special joint academic programs with other university departments so students may craft their own personalized, multi-disciplinary educational experiences.

Cognitive science is the study of how the mind works, both in its conceptual organization and in its computational and neural infrastructure.
he Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Linguistics jointly participate in a master’s-level curriculum in Computational Linguistics resulting in a Master’s in Natural Sciences.
The University at Buffalo offers master's and doctoral degree concentrations in Geographic Information Science - an emerging interdisciplinary field that incorporates innovative research in environmental science, social science, and engineering.


The department offers non-degree-granting certificate programs that enhance our degree programs by conveying deep experience in specific research areas.

This certificate is designed to provide students with training in advanced scientific computing in combination with specialized education in traditional disciplines of science and engineering.
The State Education Department has approved and registered (HEGIS Code: 5199) the proposal for an Advanced (Graduate) Certificate  program at the University at Buffalo. This program is currently  being offered under the aegis of the National Center of  Excellence in Information Systems Assurance Research and Education (CEISARE) at UB.