Concept to Countermeasure – Research to Deployment Using the SHRP2 Safety Data: Pedestrian Safety and High Visibility Markings

Investigators: Panagiotis Ch. Anastasopoulos

Funding Source: Federal Highway Aadministration

Abstract: Numerous countermeasures and programs have been undertaken to reduce pedestrian crashes. One such measure includes the use of high visibility marking of crosswalks (HVC) at uncontrolled locations, locations where no traffic signals or stop signs exist on the approach to the intersection, and at midblock locations. The placement and effectiveness of HVC markings has been the subject of debate in the traffic safety community. SHRP2 NDS data provides a new and unique resource for traffic safety studies and the development of new safety countermeasures. With this in mind the objectives of this project are to evaluate HVCs and answer the following questions:

  • Do HVCs improve pedestrian safety at uncontrolled intersections?
  • What are the most effective HVC designs and implementations?
  • What are the recommended HVC-related improvements?