SUNY Distinguished Professor recognized as Structural Engineering Institute Fellow

By Peter Murphy

Published December 18, 2018

Shortly after his appointment to the level of SUNY Distinguished Professor, Michel Bruneau earned another honor from the American Soceity of Civil Engineers.

Distinction within the profession

Michel Bruneau.

Earlier this month, Bruneau was named a Fellow of ASCE’s Structural Engineering Institute (SEI). This Fellowship “distinguishes members as leaders and mentors in the profession,” according to ASCE’s website.

This is Bruneau’s third fellowship since 2017, and his second distinction from ASCE. He is a fellow of both the Canadian Academy of Engineering and of ASCE, and serves as a member of various American Institute of Steel Construction and Canadian Standards Association committees tasked with developing design specifications for bridges and buildings.

Throughout his career, Bruneau has co-authored over 500 publications, including “Ductile Design of Steel Structures,” which is used by structural engineers worldwide and considered as an important reference for the seismic design of steel structures.

Earlier this year, he co-authored a report that could have potential significant impacts on how modern cities may be reconstructed following earthquakes, and has presented the report internationally at various universities and conferences. His influence over structural engineering spans worldwide with design concepts implemented in major buildings and bridges including the new San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge East Span.

In addition to his continued innovations in structural engineering, Bruneau is an accomplished author, having written three novels.

Bruneau joined UB in 1998. His research includes the evaluation and retrofit of existing steel bridges and buildings subjected to large destructive forces up to collapse, as well as the development of new design concepts capable of providing satisfactory seismic resistance, blast resistance, or both simultaneously as multi-hazard resistant concepts.

Bruneau and Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering alumna, Lisa Anderson, will be recognized as Fellows at the 2019 Structures Congress in April.