Dr. Kamelia Atefi Monfared

Jongmin Shim.

Dr. Kamelia Atefi Monfared joined UB in 2016, after receiving her PhD from the University of Waterloo. Her research contributes to development of resilient and sustainable energy production/storage technologies through a fundamental understanding of coupled geomechanical processes (fluid-mechanical-thermal-dynamics). Her current research involves prediction of geo-environmental impacts of production/injection operations; enhancement of hydrocarbon, geothermal and aquifer storage recovery operations; and tunneling, including soil-tunnel interaction in rock and poor soils. Dr. Atefi Monfared is a member of the ASCE Rock Mechanics committee and the ASCE Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering.   

In April 2018, Atefi Monfared was invited to lead a workshop on heat/cool storage in geological formations in A Cool World, the first-ever International Congress on Clean Cooling at the University of Birmingham, UK.