Here is how a leader emerges

Ning Dai in the lab with a graduate student.

Since joining UB in 2014, Associate Professor Ning Dai has earned multiple National Science Foundation awards, including a CAREER award. Other researchers cite her work at a rate higher than that of her peers, and she focuses on the quality of her research and the training she provides to students.

“Ning is clearly on a path to future leadership positions,” says Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Chair and Professor Joseph Atkinson. “She has been actively engaged in areas that impact not only her, but other faculty members in the Department.”

Most recently, she received UB's Young Investigator Award, presented to researchers whose work has garnered universal acclaim or been completed under the auspices of a prestigious fellowship grant. 

“I always tell my students, ‘a publication out there associated with your name is something you want people to read;’ and when they do so, you want them to think you’ve done solid work,” Dai says.

One of Dai’s research areas is water reuse, and she sees several opportunities in this area. The conventional perception is that water reuse is only for places without enough water, but Dai disagrees: "There is an abundance of water resources in the Great Lakes region, but we need to preserve them."

Ning Dai.
Lead Researcher:

Ning DaiAssociate Professor, Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences