Unacceptable Technical Electives

Some courses will not count as a technical elective if their content overlaps with that of required courses for the Chemical Engineering BS. If you have any doubt that a particular course may be invalid as a technical elective, students should check with their academic advisor before registering for the course.

Unacceptable Technical Electives

The following courses cannot be used to satisfy a 200+ or 300+  technical elective requirement

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • BE 202 Applied Medical and Engineering Biology
  • BE 305 Biomaterials and Mechanics
  • BE 308 Biofluid Mechanics
  • BE 309 Biomedical Chemical Principles 1
  • BE 310 Biomedical Chemical Principles 2
  • CIE 308 Engineering Statistics
  • CIE 354 Fluid Mechanics
  • EAS 305 Applied Probability
  • EE 418 Quantum Mechanics for Engineers
  • MAE 335 Fluid Mechanics
  • MAE 336 Heat Transfer
  • MAE 338 Fluids and Heat Transfer Laboratory
  • MAE 381 Engineering Materials
  • MAE 431 Energy Systems

College of Arts and Sciences

  • CHE 251 Contemporary Organic Chemistry (note that CHE 251 can be used as a substitute for the CHE 201 degree requirement)
  • CHE 319 Physical Chemistry
  • CHE 320 Physical Chemistry
  • CHE 349 Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences
  • MTH 337 Introduction to Scientific and Mathematical Computing
  • PHY 208 General Physics IV

CHE 204 / BIO 205 Option

Within the chemical engineering curriculum, students are required to complete either CHE 204 or BIO 205. Students that select the CHE 204 option are not allowed to use the following courses to satisfy a 200+ or 300+ technical elective requirement:

  • CHE 202 Organic Chemistry
  • CHE 252 Contemporary Organic Chemistry

It is permissible to use these courses as a substitute for the CHE 204 / BIO 205 degree requirement. 

Students that select the BIO 205 option are not allowed to use the following courses to satisfy a 200+ or 300+ TE requirement:

  • BCH 403 Biochemical Principles
  • CHE 312 Chemistry of Biological Systems

It is permissible to complete both CHE 204 and BIO 205 and thereby satisfy the CHE 204 / BIO 205 and the 200+ technical elective degree requirements.

Unacceptable Technical Elective Combinations

The following course combinations cannot be used to satisfy Chemical Engineering BS degree requirements. Specifically, a student cannot use courses X and Y to satisfy the 200+ and 300+ technical elective requirements. Instead, just one of the two courses can be used to satisfy a 200+ or 300+ technical elective requirement. This restriction applies to those students following the “old”, i.e. without CE 341, curriculum.

  • BIO 309 Ecology Lecture AND GLY 309 Ecology
  • BIO 407 Advanced Ecology AND GLY 409 Advanced Ecology
  • BIO 411 Tropical Marine Ecology AND GLY 411 Marine Ecology