David A. Kofke


D. Kofke.

David A. Kofke


David A. Kofke


SUNY Distinguished Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Research Topics

Statistical physics; molecular modeling and simulation; software engineering

Contact Information

510 Furnas Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260

Phone: (716) 645-1173

Fax: (716) 645-3822


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Research Interests

Kofke Research Group.

Kofke Research Group, taken at the 2018Graduate Research Symposium

  • Molecular and engineering thermodynamics
  • Calculation of free energy and phase equilibria by molecular simulation
  • Applications to phase behavior in solids and analysis of crystal stability
  • Calculation of cluster integrals, with application to modeling of dense gases and supercritical fluids
  • Integration of cluster-based methods with ab initio computational chemistry
  • Development and application of object-oriented software for molecular modeling


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