Tanahiry Escamilla was a panelist in Women in STEM Cooperative hosted in spring 2016 at UB

Published December 16, 2016

UB CBE undergraduate student Tanahiry Escamilla, who performs research in the Mark Swihart lab, was recently nominated as a panelist for the Women in STEM Cooperative at UB. She was also elected vice president for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). 

Ms. Escamilla also attended the SHPE national conference in 2015, and worked at an all-girls engineering day organized by SHPE and the Buffalo area Engineering Awareness for Minorities (BEAM). Tanahiry says that she is excited to see the opportunites that are now becoming available to minorities, like internships, research experiences, and study abroad programs. "I've learned so much from them and it just goes to show that everyone is capable of succeeding regardless of superficial differences."