Johannes Hachmann Organized and Ran NSF Workshop on Framing The Role of Big Data and Modern Data Science in Chemistry

Image of Johannes Hachmann

Johannes Hachmann, Assistant Professor

Published November 9, 2017

Johannes Hachmann organized and ran the workshop in Arlington, VA, this April (together with colleagues from Iowa State and Vanderbilt University). It was sponsored through an NSF grant and was based on the notion that there is now a growing agreement in the community on the value of incorporation modern data science- the 4th pillar of science- into chemical research. The importance of this development has been recognized by the NSF in its recent Dear Colleagues Letter on Data-Driven Discovery Science in Chemistry (D3SC) as well as other high-profile programs such as the White House Materials Genome Initiative (MGI). Despite some impressive pioneering work, there is still a distinct disconnect between the promise of this approach and the realities of everyday research in the community, where data-driven work does not yet play a significant role. The purpose of Dr. Huchmann's workshop was to chart a path that will allow the community to bridge this disconnect, to support and guide the activities of researchers, to offer these insights to funding agencies, and to ultimately advance and shape this emerging field as a focus area. Its long-term objective is to help pioneer a fundamental transformation of the chemical research process.