UB CBE Students, Professors, and Alumni Create a Virtual Research Symposium

Symposium zoom participant screenshot.

Published November 11, 2020

Nearly 200 people participated in the 2020 UB CBE Graduate Research Symposium.

UB Chemical and Biological Engineering conducted its first all virtual Graduate Research Symposium on Tuesday November 10, 2020.  It was  the 23rd in the department's history. 

Graduate students and faculty have long looked forward to the annual event held in UB's Center for the Arts, with lectures in the Screening Room and posters spanning the entire length of the Center's Atrium.  This year, the department took the event online with nearly 60 posters presented in 7 parallel sessions. The best presentation from each session was  selected by nearly 50 alumni and members of the research community who served as volunteer judges.

Participants gathered in a virtual lecture room for talks ranging from reinventing medicine to forever chemicals and molecular models, delivered by keynote lecturer Dr. David Geer, BS 1999, PhD 2005 (Andreadis group), and PhD candidates Navneeth Gokul (Kofke group) and Samhitha Kancharla (Alexandridis/Tsianou groups).  

The audience then split into 7 sessions for poster presentations by the departments graduate researchers.  

Congratulations to our poster winners, and many thanks to everyone who made this year's symposium a memorable event.