Alumni Advice

Nisar Amin, BS 1996

Senior Process Engineer, Mannington Mills, Inc.

First, I would like to applaud you for choosing and sticking with the chem engineering program at UB. It is quite a challenging program, but once you graduate, you will truly feel like you have accomplished something very few people in the world have accomplished. If you are interested in joining the industry, I strongly urge you to learn (if you already don't know) public speaking and to compose technical reports. The education you are receiving will help you to think "outside the box" and truthfully you will apply maybe 50% at the most when you go out in the real world. However, the ability to communicate with your future associates and bosses, will shoot you straight to the top. Be aggressive and seek out every opportunity to speak in front of people and write excellent reports. Most importantly, be very proud you graduated from UB's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. Be confident that not only you will meet your employer's expectations, but no doubt you will go beyond.