Alumni Advice

Donald P. Visco, BS 1992, PhD 1999

Professor of Chemical Engineering, The University of Akron

Take advantage of the opportunities that are available.  Whether that means going on a co-op or internship to the other side of the country, participating in a research project or taking on a leadership role in a student organization, all of those are considered “professional development” where you can grow you talents and skills in a wide variety of areas (including and beyond the technical realm).  This may require you to step outside your comfort zone, but this is important for your growth.

Also realize that opportunities may not present themselves on a flier to you as you walk down the hallway – you may need to search some of these out yourself.  Be proactive - your future self will appreciate your efforts.

Finally…enjoy what you do.  I am quite happy that I have degrees in chemical engineering as the breadth of my training has allowed me to work in a wide variety of areas.  And I am a proud alumnus of UB, pleased with the training I have received as I have moved through my career.