Force Registration Form

If you need to be forced into a Chemical Engineering course please complete and submit the force registration form. You can expect to be contacted within 3 business days with an update regarding your request.  If the course which you are requesting to be forced into requires your CBE Faculty Advisor's permission (i.e. CE 501/502-Masters Individual Problems, CE 503/504-Engineering Projects, CE 559/560-MS Thesis, CE 601/602-PhD Individual Problems) you must have your CBE Faculty Advisor give his or her permission in the SEAS Portal for approval.

For CE 501/502 and CE 601/602, students must complete this Informal Course Description Form.  This form is due at the start of the semester and is not required for registration, but for our departmental records.

For CE 660-PhD Dissertation registration, all PhD students beyond their third year must submit this form and return to Lori DuVall-Jackson in Furnas 307.  If you are a PhD student in your first, second, or third year, you will only be required to have your CBE Faculty Advisor submit his or her approval in the SEAS Portal.

Contact Information

Marlo Roetzer

Marlo Roetzer
Office: Furnas 304
Phone Number: (716) 645-2569