Connect With and Mentor Our Future Chemes

UB CBE's cheme car team photo.

Photo 2019

Our students love to learn from our practicing chemical engineers.  Please consider giving students advice,  and help them understand what to expect by telling them what you do

Give Students Advice

William Kellogg and Jerry Paolino, William has scholarship award in hand.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Scholarships: Outstanding Junior: William R. Kellogg CBE. Presented by Jerry Paolino.

Students benefit from interacting with our alumni. Please give them some advice: tell them what you wish you knew when you were studying for your degree, or deciding your career path. Submit your own advice below and read advice given by others.


Tell Students What Chemical Engineers Do

Alumnus A. Balkyhoor on job site.

Students like to learn from alumni working as chemical engineers in the field. Please tell them what you do on a typical work day, and what they can expect. Read other submissions here.