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University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Here is how

We Take the Lead

The University at Buffalo is a vibrant and inclusive community of big thinkers and even bigger doers. We work together to question and upend theories, lifting each other up and driving change. Because at UB, ambition is a virtue, tenacity is a given, and discovery happens in the lab, in the lecture hall and everywhere else. That’s just how we do it here.

Helping help get there faster

When does a group of drones act like a flock of birds? Inspired by nature, a UB assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering has developed software that directs drones to work together to quickly map an oil spill, forest fire or other natural disaster—allowing relief to come faster.

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Powering pacemakers with heartbeats

Researchers at UB’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences are leading the effort to develop a pacemaker powered by converting the heart’s vibrational energy into electricity, eliminating the need for batteries as well as the 200,000 surgeries performed every year to replace them.

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Grant gives self-driving cars the green light

Driverless cars are the future and UB is in the driver’s seat with a $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation for a new research facility. At its heart is iCAVE2—which syncs UB’s existing driving, traffic, and wireless networking simulators to a gadget-equipped vehicle, sensors, and other instruments along roads on North Campus.

A masterpiece in the biological arts

Paul Vanouse, UB professor of art and director of Coalesce: Center for Biological Art, received the Award of Distinction at the world’s premiere cyberarts festival and competition for his work, The America Project—a bio-art installation that uses the saliva of visitors to illustrate the American melting pot.

Identifying autism risk? There’s an app for that.

Is your phone smart enough to detect autism? UB undergrad Kun Woo Cho thinks so. She’s developing a mobile app that can provide immediate, reliable results of a child’s risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). How? The gaze patterns of children with ASD differ starkly from those of typically developing children.

Bringing food-system planning into urban planning

Inspired by the ongoing, armed conflict in her homeland, Samina Raja, an associate professor in UB’s School of Architecture and Planning, changed course from planning luxury hotels and high-end interior renovations to promoting the need for community-based, local food systems in urban planning.

Clean hands save lives

Handwashing may be second nature to many, but studies by UB researchers—with USAID, UNICEF, and others—have found it’s still rare in low- and middle-income countries. This modest activity, however, has major importance: the deaths of six million children each year could be prevented with better education.

Stopping bad behavior through virtual reality

Two UB education researchers have created an interactive classroom featuring state-of-the-art virtual reality that simulates difficult student behavior. The simulator allows teachers to experience difficult classroom situations and develop suitable behavior-modification techniques the first day of school.

This super-efficient, solar-powered home allows modern urban gardeners to live sustainability and stylishly year-round—and it allowed the interdisciplinary team of UB students who built it to come home with a win from the 2015 U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.

Spinning into Control

It’s hard to believe that computers can get any smaller or faster, but an optics advancement known as the vortex laser is poised to propel computing into an even more powerful future. A UB-led team of researchers were the ones who saw the light.

Flying into Deep Space

Readers and critics across the galaxy are rallying around the work of Nnedi Okorafor, a celebrated science fiction author—and UB professor—who is busy weaving intriguing tales, probing new territory and winning major awards (most recently, a Hugo and a Nebula).

Getting a Cloud’s Eye View

A UB researcher has found an innovative way to understand life on Earth, getting the story on threatened species around the globe by learning to read the sky. Combined with satellite data and a geographer’s knowledge, cloud coverage can be quite revealing.

Going the Distance for Dental Care

Children living in refugee camps often don’t have toothbrushes—let alone regular check-ups. A UB dental professor and longtime humanitarian activist made it his mission to bring oral health care to more than a thousand children displaced by the war in Syria.

Homing in on Accessible Design

Students in UB’s School of Architecture and Planning brought together two laudable objectives—affordable housing and aging in place—under one roof in a unique home-building project on Buffalo’s East Side, the first of its kind to incorporate the principles of universal design.

Getting Dinner on the Road

When we say UB students drive solutions, we mean it. This UB alumnus and social work student founded a mobile food pantry network, bringing food free of charge to the hungry—and a sense of purpose to his daily commute.

Teaching Our Students to Fly

Whether theatre majors or baseball players, UB students who embrace the emerging art form of aerial modern dance develop a three-dimensional sense of balance, strength and poise—in whatever physical activity in which they choose to soar.

Getting a Leg Up on Disease

Tarantula venom is a frightful thing to think about. But not to the UB biophysicist whose ongoing research into the substance shows real promise for the development of a life-changing treatment for muscular dystrophy and other debilitating conditions.

Harnessing the Strength of the Sun

Powering hundreds of student apartments, the award-winning Solar Strand saves thousands of dollars in energy costs and hundreds of tons of greenhouse gases each year. It also serves as a living laboratory for the community, demonstrating solar technologies and UB’s leadership in environmental sustainability.

Pushing the Boundaries of Sound

June in Buffalo, UB’s nationally recognized contemporary music festival, celebrates more than four decades of innovative teaching and practice, bringing world-class composers and their students together to explore the boundaries of sound.

Hitting the Mark

This hotshot took the lessons he learned at UB along with him on his way to a first place finish in the NCAA championships and a spot at the Olympic trials, finding that big dreams, sharp focus and all-out effort will get you far—20.92 meters, to be exact.

When lava meets water, things can get explosive. UB scientists are doing something not many dare to do—cooking up extra-large vats of molten rock to better understand what’s behind the volatility of this fiery mix. Warning: Important insights may erupt.

Bringing Cool Things into Orbit

Not every university’s engineering majors get assigned by the U.S. Air Force to design a satellite that gathers critical data on space debris—but in the UB Nanosatellite Lab, undergraduate and graduate students alike are hard at work preparing their creation for launch.

Getting to the Core of Climate Change

Geologist Jason Briner and his students travel the globe to collect and analyze samples from glaciers and ice sheets deep within the Arctic Circle, providing a rare glimpse into how Earth responds to a warming climate.

Shaking up requirements ... and minds

It’s been called general education for a reason. But at UB, an innovative new program is reinventing the way undergraduate students earn their degrees and learn about the world. It’s personalized, transformative and anything but common.

Launching Leaders

UB’s first Truman Scholar—an environmental design and political science major with a mind for social justice—joins our growing list of distinguished award winners. The prestige is great. The promise, even greater.

Adding Data to Your Diet

A food monitoring device that’s worn like a necklace and tracks your calories through noise recognition? Sounds good! A UB computer scientist gives new meaning to “crunching the data” as he brings the inventive gadget to life.

How does one heal a broken history? Through discovery and retelling. An unprecedented three-day workshop at UB brings together descendants of writers of slave narratives to share their stories, learn from one another and move powerfully into the future.