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Combined Degree Programs | Undergraduate Admissions | University at Buffalo

Combined Degree Programs

How to get there faster.

If you’re a motivated student, consider one of UB’s combined degree programs and earn a bachelor’s/master’s degree in as little as five years.

Our combined degree programs give students the opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in less time. Most programs produce a savings of 9-15 credit hours.

Combined Degree Programs
Undergraduate Degree Graduate
Biological Sciences BA/MS Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences BS/DDS Dental Medicine
Biomedical Sciences BS/PharmD Pharmacy
Business Administration BS/MBA Business Administration
Chemical Engineering BS/MBA Business Administration
Chemistry BS/PharmD Pharmacy
Computational Physics BS/MS Physics
Computer Science BS/MS Computer Science
Computer Science BS/MS Computer Engineering
Economics BA/MA Economics
Economics BA/MS Economics
Electrical Engineering BS/MBA Business Administration
English BA/MA English
Exercise Science BS/MS Athletic Training
Exercise Science BS/MPH Epidemiology
Exercise Science BS/MS Nutrition
Industrial Engineering BS/MBA Business Administration
Geography BA/MA Geography
Geological Sciences BA/MA Geological Sciences
Mathematics BA/MA Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering BS/MBA Business Administration
Medicinal Chemistry BS/MS Medicinal Chemistry
Occupational Science BS/MS Occupational Therapy
Pharmaceutical Sciences BS/MS Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmacology and Toxicology BS/MS Pharmacology and Toxicology
Pharmacy PharmD/MBA Business Administration
Pharmacy PharmD/JD Law
Pharmacy PharmD/PhD Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmacy PharmD/MPH Public Health
Social Sciences Interdisciplinary BA/MSW Social Work
Sociology BA/MA Sociology

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