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Sunday was my first time there. The artist Slick Rick and KRS-One were great. The venue is centrally located with a parking structure right across the street and very reasonable, $5.00 might I add. The venue setting is fantastic. It was like rocking at an underground party. The music and sound was great. I have been to many venues and when you are able to hear a rap artist crystal clear in the mic. Nice!!!! Not to mention the price of the event $10.00, I thought it was a error (Don't change it! LOL) was exceptional. Drinks were delicious, bartenders attentive. Doors open on time and eveyone was on point!!! Absolutely loved it. If you didn't have a great time, its because you chose not too...and on the previous comments on security, they made their presence known. (I
felt secured!) Looking forward to the next event.�

Quinn Rousseau reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star
August 21

Considering how packed it was, this was my far one of the very best shows I've ever been to. Atmosphere killed it. I had heard from a friend of mine that it wasn't worth going to a show because Slug was so old, but man.. That couldn't have been further from the truth! He was ON FIRE. Hard to believe that guy is 45.. He performs with the energy of a 25 year old! Sound was amazing, lighting was killer. I've been to multiple shows here over the years and The Observatory has yet to dissappoint.

Best time with my son and his girl~! Appreciate the Special seating for disabled ~ I had to take a wheelchair because I can not stand for long periods , arthritis. The security went out of their way to help me and gave us seating for all of us~* I felt taken care of and the courtesy and friendly staff and especially the security Rocked! Thank you for a great time! Royal Blood! 😎

Alex Morgan reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star
July 13

I loooooooove this venue. I live in walking distance and it is so fresh to have a venue in my burrough to frequent.

All kinds of music comes through here and I've seen Lauren Hill, Citizen Cope, Wu (together and many came solo), the Roots - yesterday- soooo good, Nikitina, Immortal Technique, and so many, many more.

Peeps seem cool and if you want to 'excuse me' your way to right in front of the performer, no problem.


Even with long lines - getting into the venue after a pat down is really quick.

The drinks are pretty good and with an internal bar, you can either order inside or stroll into W.Coast Tavern.

PLEASE be a chill citizen and respect this place. Great groups come through here and tickets aren't bad.

THIS PLACE is one of the biggest reasons I make NPark my home.

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Andrew Merrick reviewed The Observatory North Park4 star
August 20

Great PA, great staff. I've never had any issues with security but I won't doubt that there have been serious unwarranted altercations against patrons. I think I've just been very fortunate every time I've gone. It's nice to have a venue that offers a wide range of musical acts from hip-hop to metal that's near where I live.

Carolyn White reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star
August 7

I have no problems with the security. The staff was friendly. They let people smoke inside and there's no ventilation. So felt like I was hot boxing most of the time. Some people might like that but it wasn't for me. Other than that I had a great time and enjoyed the venue.

Clythie Clarken reviewed The Observatory North Park1 star
September 2

When I go there to see bands that are made up of white people I am barely searched and when I go there to see bands that are made up of people of color I am so extensively searched it's almost as if I have already been arrested. I don't understand why the Observatory has a search / security policy that is racist.

Brandi Christine reviewed The Observatory North Park3 star
July 1

Cool building, liked the size, appreciate a smoking area where I can drink. Downside: nowhere to sit unless you go in The Den where you then hear all the shit form the club behind it. Bathrooms are upstairs. Balcony is VIP bottle service or something which is too bad because some of us can't stand for hours but also aren't rich pretentious fucks. Also, security could easily be replaced with a metal detector...find more weapons, feel less violated.

Michele Gissendanner reviewed The Observatory North Park3 star
August 19

The venue was OK security was very pleasant and professional and nice the only thing I would change is they really need to look at their drink minimum a lot of people were getting very intoxicated and it's hard for security to manage everyone. Some people were drinking responsibly and some people were just there to get wasted and make it uncomfortable for everyone else to have a good time this place is too small for people to get out-of-control and just ruined the intimate setting so they really need to start maybe putting a minimum on their drinks because unfortunately people can't act like adults and be responsible.

This place offers great live entertainment for such a variety of people!! Security is on point and does a great job without being pushy!! Particularly, Pinky, Shannon, and Melissa!! Great atmosphere and a groovy smoking section!! Awesome building and great neighborhood as well!!