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Zlata Pavlova reviewed The Observatory North Park4 star
April 20

Dear Observatory! We love you for being a great venue! I've never had a bad experience, nice sound, great bartenders, friendly security, etc.

I only have 1 suggestion - may be it's time to start selling tickets in your box office on first come - first serve basis?? How many times people tried to get tickets online the second they went on sale only to learn it's been "sold out" to the scalpers and now being sold 4 times the price?

May be younger and upcoming artist wouldn't ha...ve this problem, but the bands that's been around forever??? Fans can't get tickets!!!

Anyways, something to think about i hope.

Other than that - great venue and great ambiance

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Elizabeth Jones reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star
February 11

Great venue with awesome staff. I just saw a show there last night for the first time, and I had a mild medical emergency when my blood sugar dropped and I lost consciousness Grateful that the security staff caught me got me out of the building was able to assess that I wasn't some crazy drunk and got me some orange juice and my blood sugar's leveled back out. I was very disoriented and pretty much unable to even explain to them what was going on trouble with my speech and ...stuff. Im very grateful that their medical Tech picked up on it and got me the help I needed as quickly as possible. The venue itself is super accessible parking structure across the street, and the staff absolutely courteous. Definitely highly recommend, and want to send a special thank you to all the staff for not letting me hit the ground last night and taking care of me when I couldn't. Thank you so much!

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Kathleen Melvin reviewed The Observatory North Park1 star
February 15

Never will return to this venue. Beautiful old venue but run by crooks. Stealing prescription medications and pocketing them. Securities pat down was more of sexual assault. Sorry you've been shut down because you've had so many stabbings maybe you should invest in an effing metal detector wand. Why on earth do you need to take a ball point pen and tampons? Never waste my money at this venue ever again

Wendy McDonald McFarland reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star
March 5

Fun time. Fun place!!! We saw STP and it was a fantastic time. A few chicks had too much to drink and there was a skuffel. Bouncers handled it quickly. Only thing I didn't like was the "pat down" going in. Boy. It was VERY thorough!!! Up Down Over and Under!!!! That was a lot of action for a 60 year old!!!! Lost my ball point pen. They are worried about graffiti. Now what am I going to use to write checks!!!!!

This place has some fucked up security guards. Sexual perverts! My daughter was thrown out for ignoring a security guards advances when she went to see Snoop. She was there15 minutes, just bought an over priced drink and a creep security guard came up to her saying his friends wanted to talk to her. He didn’t identify himself. He left, came back kept saying his friends wanted to talk to her. When she said no he grabbed her, told her she was over served and threw her out! Her ...friends and her had JUST GOT THERE! This is fucked up! If you read the YELP reviews it’s a common occurrence! I think a class action law suit should be filed! They over book and then randomly seek out people to throw out. I personally think the local TV stations should get a report on this. Apparently the manager is in on it too, spineless and ignorant at the same time in order to let this happen!! It’s not over yet...

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Rocio Santillan reviewed The Observatory North Park4 star
February 16

Had a much better experience this time compared to 2 years ago
2 concerts Sun/Thursday with my most favorite musicians in the world.... shout out to(security staff) big homie!!!!!! Thanks for being so chill.... ty for bringing #Caifanes

Such a fun venue! Eating at the restaurant beforehand makes it super easy to get in early and skip the line.

Ryan Whitman reviewed The Observatory North Park1 star

Very dissatisfied with the organization of an event I attended at this location. The show stated that it started at 8 but I arrived 30 minutes early and had missed the first act because it took about 20 minutes to get through security and actually into the venue. The show ended unusually early as well, 11pm, and the venue didn't give the last band time to play an encore. The ticket also claimed that it included complimentary validation but I still had to pay to get out of the parking garage across the street which was also a disaster in itself. I will definitely be trying to avoid this venue in the future.

Jennifer Taylor reviewed The Observatory North Park1 star
March 5

This place sucks! A whiney little biatch and her snowflake boyfriend ducked up my entire night out. I hate this place security staff is the worst.

Barry Prettyman reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star

I've never stepped foot in this place, but after reading all the reviews it sounds like it gives a lot of soft bitches PTSD. Don't stop a rockin!