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Elizabeth Jones reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star

Great venue with awesome staff. I just saw a show there last night for the first time, and I had a mild medical emergency when my blood sugar dropped and I lost consciousness Grateful that the security staff caught me got me out of the building was able to assess that I wasn't some crazy drunk and got me some orange juice and my blood sugar's leveled back out. I was very disoriented and pretty much unable to even explain to them what was going on trouble with my speech and ...stuff. Im very grateful that their medical Tech picked up on it and got me the help I needed as quickly as possible. The venue itself is super accessible parking structure across the street, and the staff absolutely courteous. Definitely highly recommend, and want to send a special thank you to all the staff for not letting me hit the ground last night and taking care of me when I couldn't. Thank you so much!

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George Gehring reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star

I think it was a stroke of genius to rip out all the seats and permanently dim the lights on the former ratty, dilapidated San Diego Musical Theatre venue. As The Observatory, they've turned this into a concert venue with an awesome old theater ambiance.

Security is draconian. They are prepared for the zombie apocalypse at presumably every show. It starts with the entrance. Say goodbye to your date, because it's men in one line, women in the other. That's because you are all ...about to receive an amorous, same-sex pat-down. Seriously, the guy should have bought me flowers when it was over. On the plus side, I had some muscle tension in my lower quad, and I think that got worked out.

Once inside the building, there is a scowling army of bouncers, telling everyone to move along. Throughout the show, they are scurrying around the crowd, looking for terries I guess, and that is legitimately annoying, as they interrupt the concert experience, and block the view. Somebody threw an article of clothing onstage (the horror!) at the Cake concert I was at, and 5 bouncers immediately swarmed them.

All of this is probably meant to make people feel safer, in light of the recent trends. It really does nothing to prevent some idiot from driving a truck full of explosives into the building. As long as there's nothing to stop that, we might as well just enjoy the show, but that's just my opinion.

On the other hand, people are well-behaved. As annoying as the overzealous rent-a-cops are, they redeem themselves by enforcing a strict, no photography/filming policy. It was great to see a show without have to look over a starry field of smart phones, recording terrible video.

This is the world we live in, and The Observatory's just doing cya, so I can't blame them. It was a great show, and a great venue.

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Kathleen Melvin reviewed The Observatory North Park1 star

Never will return to this venue. Beautiful old venue but run by crooks. Stealing prescription medications and pocketing them. Securities pat down was more of sexual assault. Sorry you've been shut down because you've had so many stabbings maybe you should invest in an effing metal detector wand. Why on earth do you need to take a ball point pen and tampons? Never waste my money at this venue ever again

Sunday was my first time there. The artist Slick Rick and KRS-One were great. The venue is centrally located with a parking structure right across the street and very reasonable, $5.00 might I add. The venue setting is fantastic. It was like rocking at an underground party. The music and sound was great. I have been to many venues and when you are able to hear a rap artist crystal clear in the mic. Nice!!!! Not to mention the price of the event $10.00, I thought it was a error (Don't change it! LOL) was exceptional. Drinks were delicious, bartenders attentive. Doors open on time and eveyone was on point!!! Absolutely loved it. If you didn't have a great time, its because you chose not too...and on the previous comments on security, they made their presence known. (I
felt secured!) Looking forward to the next event.�

Ryan Whitman reviewed The Observatory North Park1 star

Very dissatisfied with the organization of an event I attended at this location. The show stated that it started at 8 but I arrived 30 minutes early and had missed the first act because it took about 20 minutes to get through security and actually into the venue. The show ended unusually early as well, 11pm, and the venue didn't give the last band time to play an encore. The ticket also claimed that it included complimentary validation but I still had to pay to get out of the parking garage across the street which was also a disaster in itself. I will definitely be trying to avoid this venue in the future.

Rocio Santillan reviewed The Observatory North Park4 star

Had a much better experience this time compared to 2 years ago
2 concerts Sun/Thursday with my most favorite musicians in the world.... shout out to(security staff) big homie!!!!!! Thanks for being so chill.... ty for bringing #Caifanes

Quinn Rousseau reviewed The Observatory North Park5 star

Considering how packed it was, this was my far one of the very best shows I've ever been to. Atmosphere killed it. I had heard from a friend of mine that it wasn't worth going to a show because Slug was so old, but man.. That couldn't have been further from the truth! He was ON FIRE. Hard to believe that guy is 45.. He performs with the energy of a 25 year old! Sound was amazing, lighting was killer. I've been to multiple shows here over the years and The Observatory has yet to dissappoint.

Clythie Clarken reviewed The Observatory North Park1 star

When I go there to see bands that are made up of white people I am barely searched and when I go there to see bands that are made up of people of color I am so extensively searched it's almost as if I have already been arrested. I don't understand why the Observatory has a search / security policy that is racist.

Best time with my son and his girl~! Appreciate the Special seating for disabled ~ I had to take a wheelchair because I can not stand for long periods , arthritis. The security went out of their way to help me and gave us seating for all of us~* I felt taken care of and the courtesy and friendly staff and especially the security Rocked! Thank you for a great time! Royal Blood! 😎

Andrew Merrick reviewed The Observatory North Park4 star

Great PA, great staff. I've never had any issues with security but I won't doubt that there have been serious unwarranted altercations against patrons. I think I've just been very fortunate every time I've gone. It's nice to have a venue that offers a wide range of musical acts from hip-hop to metal that's near where I live.