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Magnetic Resonance Center - University at Buffalo

Magnetic Resonance

A user-oriented facility operated through the Department of Chemistry. The facility offers state-of-the-art magnetic resonance instrumentation and offers to pursue research projects involving applications of magnetic resonance techniques. It strives to provide its users with instrumentation and expertise at the highest level of performance and impart training in EPR and NMR spectroscopy.

Cory Hauke Room 856 NSC 645-0433
Elizabeth Shaw Room 830 NSC 645-4316
Available Instruments
  • Varian Mercury-300 (broadband)
  • Varian Inova-400 (broadband)
  • Varian Inova-500 (broadband)
  • Varian Inova-500 Statler (broadband)
  • Agilent DD2-600 Statler (HCN cold probe)
  • Varian Inova-750 Statler
  • EMX 390 EPR Spectrometer
VNMR user guides: Click here for shorter guide and Click here for longer guide.
EPR Spectrometer guides: Click here for User guide and Click here for Processing guide.

To schedule a time to use the spectrometers at NSC Click here.
To schedule a time to use the spectrometers at Statler Click here.

Contact Information
For general questions or for scheduling time on EPR spectrometer, contact Dr. Dinesh Sukumaran (dks@buffalo.edu).
309 NSC, Department of Chemistry, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY 14260 - (716) 645-4119