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Cotton Eyed Joe - 2,858 Photos - 1,297 Reviews - Bar & Grill - 11220 Outlet Dr, Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
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11220 Outlet Dr (425.31 mi)
Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
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(865) 675-3563
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Hours 6:00 PM - 3:00 AM
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Ashley Widner
· January 29, 2018
I paid for two tickets online and got to the will call box and it said it was declined and I couldn't get it and I went back and showed the lady where it took it out and I got an email saying that I n...eeded to pick my tickets up... Well the lady was really hateful when I came back and showed her... and she gave me the tickets anyways... I tried to get my money refunded because apparently it was "declined" and I couldn't... then we get in line and waited and got there around 5:30 waited... Well we get inside and we get to the dance floor get our spots well it 2 hours of just standing there was ridiculous but when we got in at 6 and had to stand there till 9:30 for someone I've never heard of and then about 10:30 or so the Cadillac three came out (which was badass band, they put on a good show) but standing and standing waiting on a band for 7 hours is un called for... beer was over priced definitely won't drive 2 hours again to see a band.. esp when I paid for the tickets and it said it wasn't paid for and I can't get my money back!!! But it was to hot and no air was on!! Someone did pass out I do believe!! You all really need to do something about the air.. definitely not worth two hours of driving down there to see a concert when you feel like your going to pass out!!! See More
Savannah Jo Johnston
· January 29, 2018
Went to The Cadillac Three concert. No idea what time they were even supposed to start. I messaged Joes Facebook page asking what time they would go on, and never got a reply. As far as the page said,... it looked like it started at 7. We got there before 6 so we could get good spots. They didn’t come on stage until 10:45. By that time, it was so hot in there I couldn’t even stand there anymore. I had to watch the concert from the back. The only up side was the bar tenders were great...very quick service. They may be a good bar to go to, but I’ll never attend a concert here again. See More
Matthew T. Freling
· January 8, 2018
What a fun place! Lots of security, bathroom attendant, clean, great mix of music, fun decor (upside down pool table, howling cow, saddle bar stools, semi truck Dj booth...), and the mechanical bull a hoot. Even the bouncers smiled, the bull operator was a gem (and took it easy on me), the layout is well-planned, and parking is ample. Will be back the next time I’m in TN visiting my brother and sister-in-Law. Something to be said about a place where workers seem to enjoy their jobs. Also, like dancing to pop music was great! See More
Melissa Ball
· February 17, 2018
We came to see Chris Lane on 2/16/18. He was AMAZING as always. The staff that was there during the day was very accommodating to those of us waiting in line. The only complaint or suggestion that I h...ave is that there needs to be someone assigned to watch the crowd while they wait on the opener/headliner. We had some trouble with a group who arrived late that was pushing and shoving (and hurting people) trying to be in the front and there was no one there to stop it. See More
Aaron Sink
· November 20, 2017
Went to see Jon Langston concert over the weekend looked it up and it said he came on at 9. Got there at 8 so we could get a good spot. At 10 I went and bought a drink came back and ask the two women the front when he was coming on that I saw online it said 9 they snapped at me and was very rude and said I was wrong it said 1030. I said ok went back to where my fiance and me were at within a few minutes two guys in normal clothes came up and ask me to talk outside I said ok and walked out. There a bouncer approached and got within inches off my face told me I'm kicked out and to leave. I ask why and they said "its the establishments decision" that's the only reason they gave. I was never cut off I hadjust bought a drink and I was never given a warning.I asked to speak to someone else about it and was told "if you dont leave now you will be taken to jail" So without any warning and no reason other than "its the establishments decision" they were gonna cuff me and take me to jail. One of the two guys who came and ask me outside proceed to stand behind the bouncer to the side yelling and cussing at me. I ask them to get him away from me so I could talk with the bouncer and they said no so he kept doing it the entire time. The bouncer even said to me before I left "its not my decision I'm sorry" so someone was doing this just because they could. So on top of all of this I never got to hear one song of the concert. I'm a combat veteran who was just trying to enjoy a night with my fiance and it was ruined by some immature idiot who is abusing their power at a once somewhat respectable place. I would strongly say not to come here as I do not plan on going back at this point. I sent then an email the same night this happened which is now 3 days ago with no reply. Vets and everyone else don't waste your money here beer is overpriced and staff is beyond disrespectful. See More
Cheyenne Nicole
· December 29, 2017
10/10 for decor and overall enviroment
10/10 on drink prices
4/10 on music ...

The DJ was sporadic with music selection. Played like only 2 true country songs. Didn't say the right style of dance to the songs. For it being a "country club" and having the name it does , there should have been WAY less rap music and more country.

They let very obvious very belligerent people onto the dance floor that were jumping around like fools , running , being in everyone's way, dancing extensively vulgar (I'm not talking about grinding either).

I learned a new line dance that I think is pretty cool. So props on that. But other than that , I wasn't to impressed with the others.

When it came to the 2step , it seemed as if , during our time there , that my boyfriend and I were the only people that really knew how.

So my suggestion , as a long time trained dancer in all styles including line dancing , and teaching ballroom and line dancing , I believe there should be more styles of line dances, 2step lessons , and better crowd control when it comes to intoxication.
See More
Kristen Keenan Long
· February 1, 2018
Now I remember why I have not been there in years! What an all around horrible experience! As others have said it was so hot that we could hardly even breath! We were told pitches of beer were "aro...und $8" but we were charged $10.50 - not too bad if you only buy a couple, but we were a big group. Staff not very friendly or helpful. Oh and they charged a 20% gratuity that they never told us about and waitress tried to convince us that is wasn't a gratuity for her. Then when I looked at my bank statement, there were 3 charges. Still trying to find out what the extra charges are for. Oh and lets not talk about the bathrooms. See More
Melisa Stout
· October 6, 2017
I absolutely love going to the Joe every Saturday. It's an amazing place and all the workers are awesome. Everything about it is wonderful. I love the dancing and the concerts. Thank you cotton eyed j...oe for giving me a place to have fun and relax. See More
Brittany Riggs
· August 13, 2017
Well for 4 years we have been loyal patrons .... I met my fiance there we have excellent memories but over the last 6 months the staff has had a turnover ... It started when we opened a tab with a bar...tender and she closed it out 3 hours before y'all closed and tipped herself the same amount as the bill but we had her cancel it out she apologized and we never complained to the owner or staff left it at that ... Haven't seen the girl since... But last night the bouncers are humiliating they threatened to kick me out bc the bouncer pulled my fiance aside and checked his hands to find his stamp had washed off.. What I can't understand is he hadn't even had a drink ? ... This will happen if u pee a lot .. Good hygiene . but when he gave this id the bouncer popped off w an attitude .. And when I asked him,to check the id he is 29 yrs old .. I can vouch for him he told,me I was kicked out too at this point of course I became irate .... It's one thing to do ur job and another to embarrass the loyal customers u have .. he could have approached the situation better minus the ego trip ... Put the stamps up higher on the persons arm please .. Was very hurtful considering it was my birthday and it pretty much ruined my night .. Whether u get kicked out or not should not be dictated by any bouncer but by the owner or co owner..bouncers are intended to keep order in an establishment I understand that but they totally stretch the truth ... Especially if they have a personal reason for disliking the person ..the situation was happily resolved ...fortunately See More
Rachael Scherer
· December 9, 2017
Went to see The Eli Young Band December 7. All information pertaining to the show stated the show began at 7, it didn't begin until almost 11. Neither me or my fiancee drink so it was a long 4 hrs. Ha...ving never been before we went out to the parking lot to smoke, the staff at the doors very rudely informed us if we went outside again we would have to pay again to get back in but never bothered to tell us there was a smoking area out back. We ended up leaving without seeing the show. Thanks for a great time Cotton Eyed Joe, not really. See More
Georgia Bradshaw Williams
· September 15, 2017
went to Cotton Eyed Joe's went to Cotton Eyed Joe's tonight to see Tracy Lawrence it was wonderful for a small ticket price of $10 but I'll tell you what Jose has gone downhill I probably won't be bac...k because it looks old and needs to be improved inside updated for face used to be the happening place in Knoxville now it's like downtown dump was very disappointed See More
Samantha McClain
· August 15, 2017
My friend and I went here a few weeks ago she opened a tab on one end of the bar and i opened one on the other end and she got charged double one on each end! She called and the lady was very rude to ...her!! So we won't be going to establishment who is dishonest and rude!! People don't use your debit cards here!!! They will double charge you!!! See More
Cliff Kimmel
· November 12, 2017
Too hot, they need to lower the temp.

They have personnel coming around to collect empty containers around the dance floor, but no one would take your order for drinks. If you leave your seat, it's ...up for grabs.

Very limited seating available, just hard bar stools and chairs.

Great entertainment, but with everyone packed in so tight, it not comfortable. The stage needs to be elevated so that you could see who the entertainers are.
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Amy Campbell
· December 17, 2017
Went to see matt stillwell last night. Got there at 7pm place was dead. Even by 10 people were just barely coming in. He finally started playing at almost 11pm. Miss Q100 doing the shows. Wivk barely ...said anything. Matt stillwell sings great but did too many cover songs to appease the crowd. WAY too many drunk women being rude. Shot girls didnt even start coming around til 10. Just not the same any more � See More
Teresa Jirles
· September 2, 2017
It's bullshit that I'm 40 years old and had my ID with my picture and birthday on it to prove my age but because my license is expired and I can't get it reinstated right now due to out of state reaso...ns they wouldn't let me in! Really? What does the expiration have to do with my age and photo! F$&@ this place I'll never come back! Piss poor door service! Seriously I guess because my license is expired my age and birthday did too? Legally as long as I prove my age the expiration has nothing to do with it! Now I'm sitting at a restaurant missing time with my daughters because I wasn't going to ruin their night due to complete ignorance! See More
Toby White
· January 28, 2018
The Cadillac Three put on a great show, just a shame you could hardly see them. The stage needs to be raised up. Also way to hot to enjoy the show and overcrowded. First and last time for me!
Chelle Whittaker
· September 17, 2017
Been a few times and it's ok. Went to the Tracy Lawerence concert and had a good time. But the guy with the bad mustache was such an ass to everyone. Hateful the people going in....while th...e staff he was "helping"...everyone.
When a lady asked why his was being so mean he said "yea I'm a bitch, if ya don't like it go somewhere else".
It'd be different if he was dealing with drunks or trouble, but to spend the money to go and while your there you'd Think they'd try to be a lil nice.
See More
AmberLe Davis
· January 15, 2018
Went up last night with some friends and had a great time. The food was amazing, and the music was good too!
Connie Manis Wagner
· September 16, 2017
Went to see Tracy Lawrence. His show was perfect he is even better in person. But Joes was one of the hottest places I've ever been in ,everyone was in a dripping sweat. I think everyone could have e...njoyed that show more if everyone wasn't so miserable from the heat. If the air-conditioner wasn't working they didn't even bother to apologize to people . Their bathrooms were also very Old and leaking . Sorry Joe you need to update. See More
Liz Bee
· September 22, 2017
Went for Yelawolf concert, had a nice time. But on our way out there was a black, bald, ego crazed bouncer there at the left side front of the building that was extremely rude to us for no reason, than he can not take a joke. It was very uncalled for to ask us if we want our skulls crushed in for making a joke about "sneaking in the back door" when we were obviously on our way out, we didn't even stop walking when the joke was said in a happy, JOKING VOICE. I don't think I want to come in contact with your employees anymore so I won't be back. But good try Cotton Eyed Joe. Yes, sir, a 120 white girl is going to try to "sneak past you". Yes, please crush my skull in. Gah. See More
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Posted by Cotton Eyed Joe

If u dont have tickets to this show hurry and get them! Going to be AMAZING!!!

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