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Lulu's Bakery & Cafe - Reviews - San Antonio, Texas - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews | Facebook
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The biggest Chicken Fried Steak and Cinnamon Roll that I have every seen!

— at Lulu's Bakery & Cafe.
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Tina Espi reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe1 star

Just left this place, waitress took our order, came back with our drinks and 30 min later we're still waiting on our food. By then we had both finished our drinks so I asked her for refills, she took our cups and brought back 2 cups of warm tea. No ice and my husband was originally drinking a Dr Pepper ��
I don't think she even turned in our food order, we got up and walked out, by then she walked up to us and said I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Yes, sadly you are. The place wasn't even packed. Thanks for the drinks and I doubt we will return since this is the 2nd time this happens.

Sergio Prieto reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe1 star

We are veterans celebrating veterans day and decided to do it here, or so we thought. We waited for an hour and a half before we left! We understand it's a busy place, yet when we realized that groups that were the same size arriving earlier than us and getting served without reservation was definitely a red flag! We asked the hostess why that was the case and her response was less than appropriate stating; you have to wait outside without even consideration for the amount of time we had been wanting. I would only recommend this place if they have the preferential treatment we definitely are not privileged with.

Kenneth Schwausch reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe5 star

From start to finish our experience was awesome. Our waitress, Barbie, was great. From the drink order, to our food order, to know when to leaving us alone and when to come by (we were on our honeymoon), top notch. The food was great. Huge servings. From the omelettes, to the chicken fried steak and eggs, to the large serving all they’re known for, awesome. Recommended for anyone visiting.

The whole restaurant was filthy, one lady had to hold on to her husband so she wouldn’t fall because the floor was so greasy !!
When we got our food the fries were cold so I told the waitress, she said no problem I’ll get you more . She brought them back and they were hot but just 2x darker, they just took the fries and put them back in the grease. ��� Someone ordered the 3 pound cinnamon roll. I saw her take it out of a container... They are NOT made fresh made to order .. The restaurant didn’t smell like fresh baked cinnamon rolls..

Joey Davis reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe3 star

Had to send the eggs back for my wife and I. We wanted over medium got them half raw . Upon return mine were close to over easy hers still about raw . Not sure if people who cook now days even know what each cook lvl of eggs are or suppose to be . But we will be changing our breakfast spot in San Antonio for now on . We had been going there for some 8 years now with a couple trips a year to the city .

Elaine Guymon Turnbow reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe3 star

We just came from there on Monday. The food was ok. Nothing to rave about. The place looked clean to me, so maybe the previous reviews got their attention. The big cinnamon roll was also nothing to rave about. It tasted like a loaf of bread with icing. I didn't care for the icing, but I am very picky about that. I'm usually not a fan. The waitress we had was very nice! I also watched another with customers and was also very nice.

Christoval Valdez reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe1 star

Has to be the worse experience we had. Family was celebrating a birthday and we waited almost an hour in half for our food to come out, when we got our food, the 2 chicken fried steaks that were ordered were burnt, and the burger that we ordered, the bun was hard as a rock. We didn't eat all of our food, and wasn't offered to have Lulu's to take care of the bill after our bad experience. We really wanted to to show our family what San Antonio was all about and never again will we go there. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

Brandy Chase reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe1 star

Came from out of town and wanted to enjoy Lulu's for our anniversary breakfast. Arrived and ordered at 10:30 only to be told at 11:03 as they brought my husband's food out that they were out of what I ordered so now we sit here with my husband's food getting cold and my new order still not being taken! I'm extremely disappointed! His food should never have come out before I was ever even told I wouldn't be getting mine! This is complete bull shit and I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone else as I had been doing for the last 10 years!!!

Patsy Gonzalez reviewed Lulu's Bakery & Cafe3 star

It was alright but I wouldnt go out of my way to go back. Service was okay. The music was really loud. The flys were annoying. I didnt like that they served coffee in a styrofoam cup. It wasnt very clean, could of used a little broom action here or there. But the food was good, just the right portion and cooked well. Cinnamon Roll was good.