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ok so me and my friends went back to your restaurant cos i was blown away by the food. last night we ordered beef steak. the toughest steak ive ever had in my life. when i told the manager it was tough he just told me beef steak is always like that and the waitress told me cos it is a local beef. then why is it on the menu ? removed it then as no one wants a chewy tough beef. so anyways to the manager instead you told me beef steak is no good better angus beef how about you t...old me can i change your steak to anything else thats how you respond as a manager right ? anyways he removed the cold platter in our bill as our appetiser so all cool. so we went to the bar downstairs i ask again the manager if this table ok he said sure. then after he said sure they take away the table how rude is that cos he said its gonna be a dancefloor. so i tried to control my temper and composed myself cos my mom used to tell me be good and be kind. so we ordered a long island it was pure lime juice and my friend ask the manager again why it hardly alcohol in it. he said cos you drunk already and drink many drinks. thats were i blew off. excuse me we had 2 fucking wine and thats not how you respond as a manager he could've just said instead let me change it or put another shot of alcohol. i was inviting friends and colleagues and family last week cos i was blown away how the food really tasty. but after last night meeting and talking to a manager who doesnt listen to customers to improve your service and food instead neglected us. will no longer coming in oskar and im spreading the news. mind you my 2 friends were managers in a famous sports bar and its international sports bar and one is a manager in hotel. but the way we contimplate the story last night i think he wasnt entitled to be a manager as he is clueless about his job. we are your paying customers and customers are not always right. but mind you we are here to help and improved your service not to bash you. i hope you do something about this. regards. arabella

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Oscar Nicholson reviewed Oskar Bistro Bangkok4 star

A pretty nice place with a pretty nice name. Good food, the salad with Gorgonzola is a very well done course. The pizza is way too thin, though very enjoyable. The 4 stars instead of 5? The pizza comes already cut. Do this with general customers and you may be ok. Do this with an Italian and you are playing with fire.

Jeff Streiker reviewed Oskar Bistro Bangkok5 star

Oscar is a perfect place in soi 11 to start the evening! They have very good food and cocktails. Try the seafood pizza or the oysters. The manager Harry is a perfect host. Downstairs you can dance. It‘s like a small club � The sound is perfect and the play house and hip hop. Enjoy the stay un Oscars!!

Wow the Oskar bar is nice I been here so many time !!!!!
But with old manager he was kind and nice to me
But new manager him so so cus him try to tell me what he want like move the table but not have any tables available That time I say from my heart and my life
him say to me Friend like Don’t show off yourself to much cuz my customer never come back ...
But we don’t really get it what new manager mean !!!
We did nothing!!!

What you think about it

We happy to come here and we go all club no problems about it you know !!
I’m working model not hooked !!!!
Him don’t have to worry

I’m not do anything bad to your bar

I come here many time

Any time no problem

But this time so ok I try to not care

I hope you understand
I be good girls Him good I think
But I’m sorry if I wrong
New manager very good but I’m customer I can stay or stand wherever I want not what he say

Thank you xx bella

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Nichanat Eamsaard reviewed Oskar Bistro Bangkok1 star

Next time if 1 ladyboy can't get in why don't u guys make a sign that say ( a ladyboy can't get in the restaurant only come with guys or eating but can't stay alone )
Why do lady can stay alone but not ladyboy ? This is not fair ! Ver

I have money I do not fucking care this is not nice.
Every ladyboy is not the same. We live in a happy country (Thailand) but you guys share between us and real lady? ...
First time and last time
Thx you and ���

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Abigael King'oo reviewed Oskar Bistro Bangkok1 star

I am raging in anger after what happened last night...I have eaten in Oskar very many times don’t get me wrong it’s a lovely bar/restaurant the food is excellent that’s why I keep going back....and I always order food and drinks but never seems to have a sit for me so I’m forced to sit at the bar and eat while everyone watches..never complained..I brought my friend for drinks yesterday but the reception we got was so cold and when we asked for the manager do you know what his first word were “I DO NOT CARE” just because we were black ...I was so mad �..considering I have come here so many times..I could tell he was new because the manager before was kind and polite....kindly review your new manger..very racist man . And rude

Oskar had always been one of my favorite places for a long time ,because of the food was really nice but when i went there few days ago, the food wasn't the same . It makes me disappointed and i think I won't come back anymore since the taste of food has changed . P.s I decided to write this because i want Oskar tasty food back!

Dietha Siwi reviewed Oskar Bistro Bangkok3 star

It was my 4th times to Oskar for dinner, cause I’m in love with the beef bourguignon. Last night it was kinda bitter. Either too much onion, using different red wine or whatever. However, as always, the service was impeccable.

So pleased we booked a table for food n drinks as it was a great night. The tribal theme & costumes of the staff were outstanding, as was the food and service. Well done to all.

Axel Collot reviewed Oskar Bistro Bangkok5 star

Very nice place ! Great food, great people. The place where u must have to go while in Bangkok ! 5 stars