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Taco Bell
Fast-Food-Restaurant in Irvine

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Daniel Dyar
· 24. Juni 2018
Taco Bell on glenway in Cincinnati is never open when the store hours posted are. They told me the will be open when they get everything together about 9. This is a breakfast one they are open at 7. I... try every weekend because it is what my kid wants and it’s our special trip together. I think they have been open at 800 one time In The past 3 months that I have tried. I talked to someone through the drive through speaker. They said that they can’t open because they aren’t ready yet(730). They tried to condescendingly tell me that they can’t serve food if it is not made. I’ve worked In fast food before. And asked if they have openers. Silence. Then she says they done get there until 6 and they won’t be ready until about 9.They have a couple and a kid, family? Hanging in there that they unlocked the door for, maybe they know them? I could understand stuff happens but this is every weekend. Change your posted hours if you are going to mess around and can’t open on time. Mehr anzeigen
Alice Ledeboer Jenkins
· vor 18 Stunden
I am so disappointed. I don't eat a lot of fast food when I do I usually get Taco Bell or I had usually gotten Taco Bell, I think this was the last straw. Ordered the steak nachos box. And I was told ...they are out of state do I want ground beef or chicken well I wanted steak that's why I went drove all the way over there okay chicken I get home and there's like two pieces of hamburger meat somewhere in there with all the chips maybe a tablespoon of cheese and that's about it really not even worth 5 bucks. Knowing that sometimes I don't like the new food I got a Cool Ranch Dorito taco supreme and a cheesarito. Well no cheesarito in the bag and I got a regular taco no Cool Ranch no Supreme. So I basically just paid 12 bucks for a bag of chips in a little bit of cheese. If this was the first time they've screwed up in order okay but it's every time Mehr anzeigen
Debbie Szymanski
· vor 4 Stunden
I went to Taco Bell/ KFC in Denver NC Saturday in my lunch break. From the time I placed my order, not the time that I actually got into line to place an order, to the time Receiving my 1 soft cold ta...co and 1 chicken sandwich $5 fill up box, it took 16 minutes! Needless to say I was NOT Happy. My food was cold and I was Frustrated. The cars that were in front of me could have been pulled around to the other side of the building to wait for their food so that I would not have had to wait on mine. Because let me tell you, Ever time I pull up to a fast food window the employees have no problem asking me to pull around and wait for my food, even when there is not even a car behind me. This stops their clock and makes them look good. Needless to say, I will NOT be going back to the Denver Taco Bell/ KFC ever again! Mehr anzeigen
Tom Ledoux
· 22. Juni 2018
Taco Bell App is broken. We haven't been able to order through the phone app in about a month. It worked great the first few times we used it. Now it keeps saying "Oh No" or something right after we e...nter in our credit card payment. We've tried numerous times. We've tried a different credit card. We've tried reinstalling the app. We've tried logging in on a different phone. We've tried creating a whole new user account on the other phone. We've tried logging into the website and ordering, same problem. Nothing works. It must be something local to our store that's broken. Please fix it!! Why can't I order online anymore using my phone app or the web browser!?!?

It's a new store in Manteca, CA at 1968 Daniels St. The app was great at first, ordered a lot of crazy stuff in the comfort of our couch. Drove there and gave our name and picked it up. Now we have to sit in front of the stupid menu forever talking to the person in the box. Why you be broke?
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Alexis Marie Ruffing
· 22. Juni 2018
I went through the drive thru here in Hillsboro Ohio just a moment ago and the woman was absolutely beyond rude to me. Threw my sauce at me pretty much. Just a disgusting attitude. I called the store ...to place a complaint, and it was revealed that she was the manager on duty. She claims her name was Akita or Nakita whatever her name is. Heavy set, dark drown hair. Straight up rude. She refused to give me a corporate number, and hung up on me. I will NOT go back to that restaurant as long as that rude woman is employed there. You do NOT treat customers like animals! I am BEYOND upset and angry. I will no longer patronize that store.

This lady needs anger management. Or a reality check with that attitude.
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Madlyn Robey
· 22. Juni 2018
Ordered 3 Chili Cheese burritos from location on E Broad Street in Blacklick Ohio. Nothing was right about this order. No chili, no sour cream (ordered as addition), and there were so many onions that... they were inedible. I get chili cheese burritos all the time, and know that they don’t come with onions and never have. This is becoming a common occurrence, and I am about to stop going to Taco Bell all together Mehr anzeigen
Mollie Dietrich
· vor 17 Stunden
What a horrible experience tonight. When I walked in, an Indian couple was extremely upset and yelling at the front counter girl because they were served meat!!! Like seriously ?! That poor woman is p...robably going to get SICK because of that. The whole place was a mess and the workers couldn't have nastier mouths ! Not to mention my order was skipped or something and someone had to ask me if I was "waiting on something". Almost 30 minutes later I rushed out forgetting my mild sauce � � I seen the location is hiring and clearly they need it bad ! Remember to not just hire bodies... Mehr anzeigen
Nichele Deguzman
· vor etwa einer Stunde
I went to Taco Bell on West el Camino tonight and a lady stepped in front of me, I said ma’am I was here first and before I had a chance, the lady turned around and said” bitch I don’t give a fuck,” ...she socked me in face, took me to the ground and hit me atleast seven times, I was screaming for the workers and even atleast the 15 people inside to help. She threatened, “bitch if you don’t stop I going to bite you,” and then she bit me. This was a homeless black woman. She saw I had $5.00 cash in my hand and took it from me. She tried to take my wallet but I was able to keep it.

You know what sucks? I expect that from a shady broke ass homeless bitch! But what about my community?! All these people saw a robbery take place and no one helped! What the fuck?!

EDIT: I see that poor young man from the Bronx who was mistakenly stabbed and died... shit I am so lucky.. what if she had a knife? What if she had broke my skin and had a horrible disease. It literally happened so fast. I’m very lucky my son was not present and I’m still alive �
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Tabetha O'Sullivan
· 23. Juni 2018
Taco Bell
6005 Preston Avenue
Livermore CA 94551...
United States

I am sick of this being the only Taco Bell around me! I have an allergy to tomatoes and tell them to put it in a separate bag, and there is an allergy and yet EVERY time I come here they mess up my order. They say they are sorry and they fix it, I go home and sometimes it's STILL wrong! I ask to get comped for my wrong meal and they say they can't. It is such a pain in the butt to have this be such a busy store (waiting in line for 20 min) and have to wait even longer for them to correct the problem. I think with as much as we love Taco Bell as a family we will start taking our business elsewhere!
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Jeremy Walker
· vor 12 Stunden
Ok, well I am definitely not one to usually complain especially since i worked in food service when i was in high school, but i can't let this one go. I went to Taco Bell in Lincolnton, like i do mul...tiple times a week most weeks, from the time i got in line(7-8 cars back from the speaker) til the time i received my food at the window was actually 44mins. That is no exaggeration at all. So i was already frustrated when we got our food i asked Isaac Walker to check it as we always do, as i am crossing 321 on the way home we realize they left off my 6 yr olds olds nacho supreme so i turned around and went back. As i try to enter the dining room i realize the door is locked since it is now 1030pm even though i originally got in line at 936. So i knocked on the door til whom i imagine was the shift manager(who by the way wasnt in taco bell uniform) she said she isnt supposed to fix messed up orders at the door im supposed to go back through the drive thru. I told her it took me 45 mins the first time i wasn't doing that again. Then she said that wasnt true the longest time she had tonight was 18mins. Which i guess is great for fast food smh. I then informed her that that time was most likely from the speaker to the window but not the whole time i spent in line. She told me i was wrong which is when i told her she was mistaken. Then she told me my order could only be fixed if i went back through the drive thru and walked away. As im pulling up the survey that they always beg you to enter 2 other customers pull in bringing food back and one said that was there 2nd time on the same order. Im sorry for rambling but this is absolutely ridiculous, aggravating, and very unprofessional. I may be officially done with Taco Bell at least this location if nothing is done to fix this. Mehr anzeigen
Alex Térieur
· 24. Juni 2018
I went to a Taco bell in Madrid, Spain in the Vagugada shopping center. I was treated as I was a pick pocket. The clients and employees semmed scared to me because I am blonde with blue eyes and they ...thought I was a guy from Romania. It is very racist and a studid stereotype... Very angry... but I am French with German orgins. Mehr anzeigen
Josh Trevathan
· 23. Juni 2018
Love taco bell, however I wish they would bring back lava sauce. If anyone that can make decisions is reading this then PLEASE bring it back. Best sauce I've ever had. Went to taco bell 3-4 times a we...ek just for the sauce. Thanks for listening and getting me through college! Mehr anzeigen
Ryan Hoyle
· 24. Juni 2018
The Taco Bell at 125 W. Roosevelt Rd. In Villa Park, Il is consistently terrible. On more than one occasion they have been “out of food” and just tonight they said they were closed at 2am when the sig...n clearly says 4am. There needs to be some drastic changes at this location, otherwise you are losing my business. Mehr anzeigen
Jiggaa West
· 23. Juni 2018
I've been trying to talk to the hiring manager at Taco Bell in Antioch Ca for the past 3 days but every time i call she's busy or she's not there today i called and talked to the employee and she forg...ot to put me on hold i guess she asked the hiring manager what should she say and the hiring manager huffed and puffed then said "tell him im busy" i- im disappointed honestly more than anything. I've gone in there several time and the staff there seem very prejudice and non inclusive to other races. Very bad experience Mehr anzeigen
Shelby McDonald
· 22. Juni 2018
I went to the location on louetta rd by Klein high school asked for a beefy 5 layer burrito which has never had lettuce or tomatoes in it when I order it but tonight it had all that in it and I asked ...for no sour cream and still got that. Glad I decided to get a taco too because I was already pretty upset getting home and seeing I didn’t get what I ordered. Mehr anzeigen
Mike Krohn
· 24. Juni 2018
The taco bell in Carmel Indiana is seriously the worst. I literally will drive to other taco bells for food. But these people for the last like 4 years have just ran a dump
Joshua Richard Perry
· 22. Juni 2018
1395 Big Fish Drive, Sparks, NV 89431 Avoid this location at all costs or if its literally the only option you have near to satisfy the craving check and double check everything. From what you ordered... to what was actually put in the bag so you do not end up waiting 30 minutes or more to get your order to find out its wrong after being stuck in traffic for 30 minutes to just get home. Mehr anzeigen
Taylor Buley
· 23. Juni 2018
Sandy Oregon Taco Bell has great food but every time I want a freeze and not the Baja blast they never work I have been wanting to try the new watermelon freeze but every time I got in the strawberry ...starburst and the watermelon one isn’t working. And their machines never work! Mehr anzeigen
Paul Smith Jr.
· vor 22 Stunden
I went to my local Taco Bell (Fort Ogelthorpe, Ga) yesterday. I ordered not just My Favorite Taco Bell item but the only thing I eat at Taco Bell. The Cheesy Potato Burrito. I was informed that that i...tem is no longer on the menu despite the fact that everything on it is still on the menu. Until it's brought back I'll never eat at Taco Bell again. Mehr anzeigen
Lindsay Jo Crenshaw
· 24. Juni 2018
Serious problems with my local Dunedin FL location... the staff is really undertrained and unintelligent. I handed the guy cash and my card, to cover what didn’t get paid for by cash. He handed me my ...card and the cash back, saying it all ran on the card... ummmmm? What? Why on earth was it handled that way? Second issue... I have a dairy and soy allergy, so I can only really have a few things on the menu, two things being the fresco chicken tacos and the cinnamon twists. The first time I ordered, the fresco tacos were covered in cheese! I called to speak to the manager and told him they had cheese - “you didn’t want cheese?” THAT IS WHAT THE FRESCO OPTION IS! Even the manager was completely untrained about allergies. My husband had to drive back to get a new order and he gave me an empanada as a “gift”... which has dairy. Then today we got the same order and guess what was missing? My cinnamon twists! So if they can’t get the order right, then they can’t give you all your items. Needless to say we will NOT be going back to this Taco Bell again because I’m tired of gambling every time we go here. UGH!!! We typically love Taco Bell but this location made us really second guess it as a quick family meal option for us. Mehr anzeigen

Get the Triple Melt Burrito $2 Duo. Any medium drink and a Triple Melt Burrito for just $2. Need we say more?

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