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Photos from our 2018 Graduate Commencement Reception https://flic.kr/s/aHskygvCPZ

Congratulations to all of our graduating students! We cannot wait to see what you'll accomplish. 🌏


Johannes Hachmann has received the NSF Career Award

Computational chemistry and materials science; virtual high-throughput and Big Data; machine learning; electronic structure theory and methods; quantum effects in catalysis and materials; rational design

Happy Last Day of Classes UB!

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Stelios Andreadis has been promoted to SUNY Distinguished Professor http://engineering.buffalo.edu/…/Stelios-Andreadis-has-been…

Congratulations to Stelios Andreadis on his promotion to SUNY Distinguished Professor which recognizes his many contributions to UB, to SUNY, and CBE.

Photos from our 2018 Undergraduate Scholarship Reception on May 2, 2018. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmhwfSsZ

Explore this photo album by University at Buffalo Chemical and Biological Engi on Flickr!
UB Chemical & Biological Engineering 上传了 1 张新照片到相册:2018 PhD Seminar

We are excited to learn about the research of two of our PhD candidates, Yang Liu from Dr. Swihart's group and Shreya Mukherjee from Dr. Wu's group, tomorrow @ 11AM in 206 Furnas.


Exciting night for our Juniors and Seniors at the Scholarship Reception. Congratulations #cbe students!

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Congratulations to Dr. Edward Furlani, who was in Washington D.C. this weekend to be inducted into the National Academy of Inventors.

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The 2018 Eli Ruckenstein Lecture featuring Dr. Jeffrey A. Hubbell is scheduled for April 27:

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CBE's own Lori DuVall-Jackson showing students, faculty and staff photos from her second service trip to Africa in December. Lori gave us a great reason to step away from research, check out amazing footage and learn firsthand about conservation efforts around the world this afternoon. More amazing photos here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/ubcbe/0Xc07m

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Edward Furlani named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

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+CBE's Lori DuVall-Jackson will be giving a brief presentation about her work in elephant conservation following this screening on Monday! Check it out!

Join us for the premiere of the University Libraries sustainability themed movie series Monday, February 19 at 6pm in 305 Capen (inside Silverman Library). Gambling on Extinction (2015, 52 min, documentary), directed by Jakob Kneser, depicts illegal wildlife trade in Africa and Asia. This is a free event open to everyone.

A ...war against science and nature is being waged. Populations of elephants, rhinos and other animals are declining at rates that will wipe them out very soon. Humans who value ivory and horns are driving this cruel extinction. This movie is for all but the totally heartless.

A brief introduction precedes the movie and a discussion after the movie will be led by Jim Gordon, chair of UB’s Professional Staff Alternative Transportation Subcomittee. This movie is presented by University Libraries with co-sponsorship from UB’s Professional Staff Sustainable Living Committee, UB’s Sustainability office, and University Libraries Professional Executive Committee.
+Photo: Lori DuVall-Jackson


Co-op, short for Cooperative Education, is a program that allows students to alternate academia studies with relevant work experience prior to graduation. These sessions will explain how it works.

2 月12日
周一 11:00 ESTUB Chemical & Biological Engineering, 903 Furnas Hall
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We are excited to see Matt Kahn, CBE alum and president of Big Ditch Brewing Company at the Blackstone Launchpad tomorrow at 6PM! Event @ 220 Student Union