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Don Coqui Astoria
Bar in Astoria, New York

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28-18 31st St (223.70 mi)
Astoria, New York 11102
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(718) 274-7474
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Juan Giraud
· June 14, 2018
I agree. Food was great and so was the environment. Very spacious. For me the beers selling at $11.00 a pop is a little steep. That's the night time club cost. We (group of around 20+ with some young ...ones) went there to celebrate a birthday and Silver Anniversary (25th) (Sunday 10 June 2018). Tables were neatly set, utensils were clean, napkins out with everyone seated ready to eat and chat.

What lacked attention were the waiters. You would expect to have them come by the table periodically and ask if we need anything else or if the food was good ---- never happened. Even when we politely asked a few times to cater to us and bring more. I felt that it was something inconvenient to them. For a $126.00 tip al ready added to the bill you would expect better service. Now I'm not in anyway saying this place is off limits to us next time. If you are the manager and are reading this (I would if I was interested in what is said about the place) I would look at who was attending this large group (we got there around 2:00PM and were seated in the center right by the bar. Remember that lots of business just like friendship comes from word of mouth. And people do listen to their friend's recommendations for places to eat or dance.

V/R "Giraud"
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Efrain Hernandez II
· May 27, 2018
We made reservations about 2 months ago for today May 27th 2018 as it was a celebration for my dads 70th birthday with about 27 people. We received a price per person to include price for children.
W...e arrived, and granted nobody ever shows up at the same time so we waited as much as we could for everyone to arrive. During the wait, the manager said because it was Dominican Mothers day we could only stay for 1 hour. 1 hour of food and 30 minutes of down time.
So we sit even though agreed time was 3 hours.
We had a large group and had 2 waiters assigned for the group. 50 Mike G.Q. and 324 Anthony. I'm selecting these names from the receipts. Mike G.Q. was respectful and attentive. Anthony should not even be allowed to work in McDonalds as a greeter. He was rude, and gave us Luke warm mimosas while Mike brought the other table ice cold mimosas. I think the fact Anthony knows large groups are automatically charged gratuity he did no effort to earn it.
The food was well prepared, hot, and a great variety.
I will never sit in 324 Anthony's section I would advise you don't either.
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Janet Valentin
· May 14, 2018
If I could give it half or no star. I would. This wAs my second time. First time was for a families birthday and food was great. We actually sat in the restaurant but this time Went for mother’s day a...nd we sat this time where the club is. We sat down and the waiter said I have your apps coming out. Jeez we haven’t sat yet. After we settled he finally came take out drink order which took forever. Meanwhile he brought only half our drinks. I finally canceled mine. Very disappointed and disorganized. Oh wait I forgot they did give us water. Which we all drank since he took forever with drinks. We never had a refill of water or drinks. One of our party didn’t get her beans and took forever to get his attention. He finally cane but with the wrong beans and it was a small portion. Finally the food came out which Was warm not HOT. I think they couldn’t handle the mother’s day rush. The food was way overpriced. Not worth the 42.99 pus tax and tip for a waiter that barely came to our table. Our bill was like 600 and changed. I been treated better and paid way less. Oh and when dessert came out it was like a fight to get some. We were 9 and what came out was for six. I mean really. I don’t think I will ever go back. We were kind of rushed. We valet and the guy wanted his tip up front. That was ridiculous why should I tip before and he had the nerve to ask for more than the 5 bucks we gave. This place is not all that and I wouldn’t recommend. But to each is own and it’s up to you to try it. ✌🏼 See More
Kim Alvarez Hodge
· February 4, 2018
$1,300 in the garbage me and my family would have more fun burning it. I’m only giving this place 1 star because The appetizers were 2 small “family” platters of food for 18.. I will post pictures at... the bottom of the comment The desserts were 6 pieces of tiny flans and 3 ice cream size scooped bread puddings combined for 18 people to share. They were totally on organized My aunt got there an hour before the dinner started and they still gave us crappy seating where we was sitting on top of each other and could barely move our elbows. My sister told them it was a party of 18 and they only gave us seating for a party of 15 and had to squeeze three more chairs at 2 tables. The music was so loud that you couldn't have a decent conversation over dinner.. We had to constantly look for our server to get help.. then they had the nerve inclue there tip for $187. They make you pay for a prefix meal at $56 a person and they don't even include soda or tea with it.. very disgusted if you want home cooked food go to Boston Market... See More
Elizabeth Espinal
· March 19, 2018
My reservation was for 2:00 pm on a Sunday for brunch a party of 28 some of my party arrived at 1:30 and most by 2:00 I was maybe 4 short of 28 well the manager said we all had to be there to be seate...d so by 2:10 I told him we were ready he disappeared after telling me he was getting my table ready and it was 3:15 and we were still waiting. I had made a reservation the week before and confirmed twice with them they even had my CC for in case I didn’t show to charge me. So why the table wasn’t ready I don’t have a clue huge disappointment. Then they had the nerve to clean around us and tell us we had to go in other words throwing us out. The food was good music was nice but service can use a lot of improvement. I also ordered fireball shots and they were 13.00 each I ordered 10 without asking so do the math a real rip off when a bottle doesn’t even cost 20.00. I would reconsider doing any party celebrations there in the future. It’s okay to go as a small group and eat and go. See More
Teresa Diaz
· March 4, 2018
This experience was all around a bad one. First, we had reservations for 6:30pm but it took then over an hour to seat us. Then, they brought out our appetizers incomplete, missing all the sauces and s...tuff that came with it. Then the same for our entrees. One of us had our side brought out when we were almost finished with our meal. The food was mediocre. Then we were offered a round of shots which were nothing but coquito mix (no alcohol) and then given a round of drinks (just juice). It was a crappy attempt to compensate for the terrible service. Definitely disappointed in our experience. City Island was so much better! Will not be returning and will not be recommending this spot. I'm sure those who were with me will say the same. See More
Tarsha Takiyah Highsmith-Jones
· April 15, 2018
My daughter took me and a few griends to this place. The food was big portions but good, I had a party of 7. Slow bring out the drinks and taking our order. It was pretty late when we sat down. We mad...e no reservations they sat us down quick once the hole party was together. Enjoyed the good and music See More
Deborah Feliciano
· February 11, 2018
We went there last year and good and service were much better. This time they moved the location, we entered into a dark club like entrance, reggeton way too loud for really early bird dinner, 4pm. Th...e new place seem nice, however the lights were dimmed and when you looked the place is unfinished. The food was just ok, the family sized appetizer platter was small for the prize. They waiter never cleaned up the appetizer plates. The paella did not taste fresh. The bill was outrageous! Not going back. My local Colombianb Restaurant makes way better paella. The pasión fruit mojito was on point. See More
Nicole Nguyen
· February 10, 2018
Ordered and paid for top shelf rum because I get violently sick with well and house rum. I asked repeatedly to make sure it was top shelf and they assured me it was. An hour after consuming my beverag...e I began experiencing horrible stomach pains, needless to say the next day was my wedding and I ended up throwing up more than 12x and instead of going to my wedding dinner ended up in the hospital completely dehydrated in a wedding dress and hundreds of dollars worth of hair and makeup!
Needless to say I will NOT be returning and bartenders need to understand the importance of being honest with their liquor especially If you’re paying 12-18 a drink!
A very sad bride
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Ciera Ponds
· February 4, 2018
I’m only giving this place 1 star because our server was decent and the food was just okay. The appetizers were 2 small “family” platters of food for 18 people, the entrees were decent portions for th...e meat, although the sides were small, my mashed potatoes was the equivalent to one ice cream scoop, and 3 pieces of seasoned veggies 2 pieces of broccoli and 1 carrot smh. The desserts were 9 pieces of tiny flans and ice cream size scooped bread puddings combined for 18 people to share. The manager did eventually give the table 2 more dessert trays after realizing 18 people can not share 9 tiny pieces of dessert. Prior to selecting this as our venue to celebrate at we were in contact with Brittany regarding our reservation for my mothers 60th birthday dinner for 18 people for 2 weeks. She assured us that as long as we were celebrating a birthday, the birthday person of the party would get to eat free. Fast forward we get our bill after ordering drinks and food for a grand total of $1,225.26. We noticed the birthday person was still charged. We spoke with the manager Josh who now tells us we have to be celebrating the persons birthday 7 days before or 7 days after. My mothers birthday was January 13th and we made reservations for February 3rd because we had people flying out from Myrtle beach and Atlanta. The 7 days before and after policy was never disclosed to us when we called to book, when we spoke with Brittany on several different occasions, nor was it anywhere in my email confirmation. Josh the manager told me to speak to the receptionist Brittany (seriously! He directed me to the receptionist) since we spoke to her to plan the event and he remained completely unhelpful as a manager. When Brittany came she was very rude and her tone was arrogant and condescending. Brittany was clapping her hands in our faces and bopping her head back and forth with attitude REPEATEDLY saying “oh well, 14 Days is 14 days and 14 days is enough time, YOU should have asked me and I would have told you” After that the manager disappeared and Brittany just walked off. I can’t describe to you how disgusted, unhelpful, and understanding they we were. The lack of professionalism and attitudes the receptionist and the Manager exuded after we were spending nearly $1,300 at this establishment between food and drinks on Saturday night was mind blowing. Yes we paid the the money for my mothers birthday dinner, but It was really the principle of the situation and their lack of consideration on the information that was never disclosed to us, all we received was an “oh well too bad too sad” attitude. Needless to say after years of frequenting this establishment we will not be returning to this location that’s for sure. Make sure you get the fine print because they don’t take fault for misleading you or not providing useful information. See More
Erica Plummer
· May 20, 2018
This was my 1st time here and I had an amazing time. The music was on point, the atmosphere was great, the food was sooo good and the wait staff was great. I will definitely come back again.
Elizabeth Cuevas
· January 21, 2018
Made a reservation for 7:00 was seated within 10 minutes waiter was great food came fast the amount of food was hugeeeeeee!!!! After dinner the waiter gave us a VIP table in the club and complementary... shots for my 12 guests spent 380 on a bottle of henny 👀 but I got shout outs all night and my guests had a lot of fun happy 34th to me!!! Thank you don coqui!!!! See More
Rosie Miranda
· June 19, 2018
The food was way better than I was expecting ( having moved to Astoria, ive realized that not a lot of the Spanish food places are good---I'm Hispanic and I know what things are supposed to taste and ...look like), but this place was pretty close to hitting home . The drinks are very expensive....70$ of my check was just drinks and we only ordered 4...that's ridiculous. The guac needed salt and more flavor but if assuming they were making it to fit the audience of Astorians. Everything else was great! I'd definitely go back if they lowered their drink prices. See More
Evelyn Figueroa
· April 15, 2018
Didn’t have a reservation but they did send me a notice via message in my phone about 15 minutes later. Appetizer, Chicken empanadas was delicious but small portion. Dinner was also delicious, white r...ice, beans, sweet plantains and steak with onions. It was also my birthday so the tres leche cake was also awesome. Afterwards my husband and I stood around for the music, DJ was awesome, played all types of music. I had a wonderful time. Will recommend it to my family and friends. See More
Yuwannaknow Keepwatching
· May 7, 2018
Ok overall I had a amazing birthday dinner here & it was a Sunday & it was the bomb wasn't over crowded it was just the right pace waiters was very friendly & on point with the service yes I would ret...urn for lunch or dinner thanks DON CONQUI See More
Roberto Clemente Lorenzo
· May 15, 2018
I was here for a friends 30th Birthday Party in February and I absolutely loved it! So when it came to Mother's Day, taking her to lunch here was an absolute no brainer! She was extremely happy with t...he service as well as the amazing food!! Thank you for making my Mother's special day as fantastic as it was!!!! See More
Steve Mercado
· May 6, 2018
Great food great atmosphere. The waiter could have been a little more attentive but overall had a great time with my friends. I would recommend the food.
Christina Mena
· April 29, 2018
I do not recommend this place. Save your money.

We went to dinner here last night (Saturday, 4/28) and were extremely disappointed. My husband has been really wanting to try their “chuleta can-can”,... which is basically a style of pork chop with the rib meat, fat, and skin all still attached, seasoned and then deep fried. It’s a staple in Puerto Rico, and when done right, it’s delicious. Got there at 6:10. Waited only about 10 mins for a table. (Management really needs to check their website though, because it says they don’t take reservations on Fridays & Saturdays - first come, first serve basis. So when the hostess asked if we had a reservation, we were thoroughly confused and asked about what it says on the website. Her explanation was “well we are always booked solid on Saturdays, that’s why we welcome walk-ins”. Uh ok. How are they booked solid on Saturdays, if they don’t take reservations??? Makes no sense LOL). Anyway......

Walking through the lounge area to get to the dining room was a little different, as the music was fairly loud, but it was fine once we sat down. Ordered drinks. I ordered a mojito. Bread was brought over, but no plates. Had to ask for those. Twice. Bread was good, seasoned well, just the right amount of garlic. We place our food order. My daughter just wanted wings, with the sweet chili sauce on the side. I ordered the sampler platter - felt like having a little bit of everything. That included an assortment of empanadas, piononos, (sweet plantain with seasoned beef and mozzarella cheese) wings, crispy pork, coconut shrimp, fried calamari with marinara sauce & guacamole w/ chips. Now my husbands turn to order. Asks for the fried chuleta can-can. Waiter tells him they don’t have it anymore. Huh? Says “since the hurricane in Puerto Rico, no more.” BUT - they do have regular fried pork chops. �. Ok. Whatever. So my husband just orders that. Waiter leaves. And we are left trying to figure out how/why/what!???? does the hurricane have to do with them not having it anymore?? It’s a damn pork chop. LOL Cut a certain way. Seasoned and then deep fried. A little perplexed and disappointed, but whatever. Our drinks arrive. They’re ok. But I’m disappointed. This is the “fresh” mint leaf I had to fish out of my drink. Really? Again, I’m like whatever. The drink is ok. Food arrives. My husbands pork chops look over cooked. (They were). Rice was eh. My platter is huge. Knew it would be. Best thing on the plate, was the calamari and the piononos. The marinara sauce sucked, as did everything else. The wings were drowning in sweet chili sauce (the same chili sauce you find in supermarkets) The empanadas were nothing to write home about. The crispy pork - were more like dry dirt nuggets. Over cooked and no flavor. The coconut shrimp were soggy because they were dripping with - you guessed it, the sweet chili sauce. I gave my daughter the guacamole and chips, to accompany her wings. Which brings me to the highlight of the night. (that’s sarcasm). Remember how she asked for the sweet chili sauce on the side? Well the wings arrived, dripping in the sauce. Another strike.

But, the homerun, the icing on the cake, were the 2 inch long feathers left on one of the wings. Yes, feathers. Hard to see in the pic, (I took the pic before she noticed the feathers), but they’re there. We were so grossed out. I immediately got the waiters attention. Showed him the wing. He apologized and said that should have never left the kitchen. Yeah, no kidding. A few minutes later he brought out a few freshly cooked wings, and when he put the plate on the table, he said “minus feathers”. Um. No thanks. I couldn’t eat another bite, and neither could my daughter.

He did take the wings off the bill.

This place really needs to clean up their act. From service to food quality and everything in between.

Needless to say, we won’t be back.
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Jenni Garcia
· May 13, 2018
I found the service was good but the food was not the shrimps tasted like they weren’t fresh and what was suppose to be crispy chicken chunks tasted like they had been refrigerated and weren’t crispy ...at all they were soggy as if they had been boiled I was disappointed as I had heard Greta things about them See More
Pat Santiago
· June 11, 2018
Amazing Food and service. Staff are extremely friendly and the place is so much fun after dinner the lounge is ready waiting for you to continue and dance the night away. Loved it all!!!

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