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Jose Ayala reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron5 star
April 21

Eataly is like a tried and true salty New Yorker with an Italian accent... big, loud, obnoxious, but absolutely lovable! It's become a quintessential NYC experience. Yes it's busy. Yes it's crowded, overwhelming, and not the cheapest place to get your cheese plate. That's NY for you. I always manage to squeeze into a spot, get settled in, and make it my home away from home. Once you get past the sensory overload, its din is comforting. Come here when you have the time to enjoy it...as for the food quality, it's all basically the best. Service-wise, you have to go into it understanding that this isn't a restaurant...it's a culinary emporium with seating which is a unique experience , and they get very busy.

Tiffany M Long reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron1 star
March 9

If I could give this place below a zero I surely would. Why do you ask... well let me tell you the ways this place is utterly disappointing. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such degrading service. My coworker and I came for dinner and while other tables of patrons were served with a smile and timely, we were not. After ordering flat water, it took our waiter over 15 minutes to even as if we had any questions on the menu. The food was subpar. I’m sure that Olive Garden had better quality food. I am definitely disappoint and will not ever return

Cindi Eckrote reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron5 star

It was a Seize the Day kind of Sunday, perfect weather and a necessity to drop someone off on W. 23rd Street. Eataly called! Delicious dinner at Il Pesce (great service, waiter Daniel? went out of his way to show us the bottle from which we had ordered a delicious Moscato), wandered around, had the best gelato since we were in Italy, bought a pizza to go from Rossopomodoro, and some fresh pasta and sauce for dinner tonight. That Pizza!!!! was amazing, pricey but I can't wait to go back and buy a few more to go and maybe freeze. It was sooooo good. A wonderful way to spend a few hours in culinary delight!

Lori Buchetto reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron2 star
February 20

Well we always love(d) Eataly. Unfortunately this past Sunday we went in very early for brunch of pasta and pizza in the pasta/pizza restaurant. Having ordered salad and three entrees and a pizza for the table, we were served everything except our pizza. The runners served our pizza to the table next to us and they ate it no questions asked. By the time the server checked on it’s arrival we were finished and full no longer wanting it. How does such negligence happen at a place that does this day in and day out.

Joseph Mandile reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron5 star
March 12

Visit this place often never disappointed staff is always polite and service is always fast . Food is awesome the gluten free pizza has the best crust around ! It’s amazing how they keep this place so clean and organized with such big crowds that visit daily . Another plus for me is their gluten free desserts they are sooo good

Ryan Hanson reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron4 star
April 16

Amazing food and great service but very very small portions in the seafood restaurant (I had to eat somewhere else straight after a starter main course and some oysters)
I know the kind of food they serve is more about quality than quantity but it was ridiculously small.
Other than that great experience hence 4 stars.

Peter James reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron3 star
March 13

Beautiful place with soooooo much to choose from. I bought prosuitto, fresh mozzarella,Italian cookies, jam, and yogurt. The cookies were great but have to say I wasn’t thrilled with the cheese and meat. The pace inside is very quick as so many people are in there it can be overwhelming but thats not their fault obviously. Overall it was a good experience and I’ll be back to try more things

Nada Jiles reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron5 star
April 21

This is the best brunch, the best soft scrambled eggs, the chef made them perfectly. Warm banana monkey bread and homemade sausage. Lemon curd on blueberry pancakes, sheep milk cheese with honey. Oh and garlic crispy potatoes. The service amazing
The wait staff attentive and thoughtful

Mario Joseph Conte reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron5 star
April 6

The food was delicious the service was good unless you're going to import the staff from Italy you have to pick from the employment pool that's in your area. Yes it's touristy place but who didn't ever hear of Tourists in NYC. If you like Italian market places it's very good.

Faith Lyn Turuta reviewed Eataly NYC Flatiron4 star
April 11

I've heard about Eataly from friends and finally had the chance to visit. The place is huge, we sampled pizza, a salad, and a meat and cheese appetizer. The food was good but the prices are out of this world. I guess for NYC it's par for the course. The place is crowded and a typical NYC tourist attraction.