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News Releases


The University at Buffalo Libraries is holding Amnesty Campaign 2017, a month-long initiative from Nov. 17 through Dec. 18 that calls on the UB and Buffalo communities to return overdue books and materials in exchange for waived fines and fees.


The late Peter Ayers Nickerson, a beloved UB faculty member who spent nearly 50 years teaching in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, has given $4.5 million to the school.


“Grey’s Anatomy” actor and activist Jesse Williams will appear at UB on Nov. 18 as part of the Distinguished Speakers Series. Williams, this year’s Undergraduate Student Choice Speaker, will speak at 7:30 p.m. in Alumni Arena, North Campus.


Findings indicate the disease — triggered by malformations in the cerebral cortex —could potentially be treated in utero



Faculty Experts


Margaret Moss

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Nursing

Expertise: American Indian health and wellness, disparities in health care, health policy, aging

Phone: 716-829-4347

Email: mpmoss@buffalo.edu


Gary A. Giovino

Professor and Chair of Community Health and Health Behavior

Expertise: tobacco use, risk factors for nicotine addiction, smoking cessation, effect of exercise and nutrition on smoking cessation

Phone: 716-829-6953

Email: ggiovino@buffalo.edu


UB in the News


NPR’s The Takeaway talks to Matthew Grizzard, assistant professor of communication, about the debate over whether the public should have access to footage of mass shootings.


An article in The Atlantic about artificial intelligence and the potential to use facial scans to infer personality traits and behaviors interviews Mark Frank, professor of communication, about this controversial area of research.


An article in The Wall Street Journal about resilience and what it takes to overcome a difficult childhood quotes Mark Seery, associate professor of psychology.


National Geographic reports on research by Jack Tseng, assistant professor of pathology and anatomical sciences, that suggests that a now-extinct Chinese otter was almost as large as a wolf and had jawbones capable of crushing large shells.

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