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UBIT Newsletter Archive

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2011 - 2012

  • Fall 2012: Message from the CIO: Coming Together, School of Management Classroom Goes Global, Social Work Faculty "Self Help" Course Capture, IGNITE Winners Announced, TechQual+ Coming to UB, Student IT Experience Survey Report, UBIT ALert is Re-Worked, UBUnix Lives On
  • Spring 2012: Message from the CIO: A Greener Shade of Blue in Information Technology, School of Management Classroom "Goes Global," TechQual+ is Coming to UB!, Student IT Experience Survey Report, UBIT Alert is Re-Worked!, UBUnix Lives On, Social Work Faculty "Self Help" Course Capture, IGNITE Winners Announced
  • Fall 2011: Message from the CIO: Projects Wrap-Up, Student Services Transformed, Lockwood Cybrary Grand Re-Opening, New Virtual Computing Lab, Computing Center Upgrade, The New Wired ResNet, UB's New Supercomputer, Identity Finder Protects UB & You, SPSS Update, Coming Soon: SharePoint 2010
  • Spring 2011: Message from the CIO: On Change and Commitment, The New "HUB," Virtual Lab Computing, Supernode Update, Word of Mouth, UB_Guest Network, CIT Name Changes, CCR Gets Big Boost, MATLAB, Mobile Student Affairs, Shared Service Desk


  • Spring 2010: From the Desk of the CIO: Farewell, Learning Spaces, Greiner Hall, SST Project Update, IT SSD Project Update, Green IT
  • Fall 2009: From the Desk of the CIO: UB2020 IT Transformation Update, New Learning Spaces, Google Apps for Education, UB on iTunes U, Protect Your Privacy, Phishing Scams, Student Services Transformation Update, VoIP Progress Update, 10G Network Upgrade, Green Computing Practices
  • Winter 2009: From the Desk of the CIO: Challenging Times Bring Opportunities, Blogs & Wikis on UBlearns, Free Video Chat/Call Services, New UB2020 Workstation Standards, WebEx Conferencing Software, Key Findings from Student Surveys, Google Partnership, Green Supercomputing, IT Security, Dell Asset Recovery Service, Dell Service Tags
  • Fall 2008: From the Desk of the CIO: UB 2020 IT Transformation Initiative and Cost Containment, UBlearns Upgrade, iprint anywhere, UB Video on Demand, UB WiFi Update, Internet Upgrade, Central UB IT Account & Email News, New Information Security Requirements, UB 2020 Student Services
  • Spring 2008: From the Desk of the CIO: Green Computing, Phishing Alerts/Security Tips, Info Security: Online Course, Student Services Transformation, Improving SPAM Management, UB and iTunes U, SMART Boards, UBlearns Upgrade
  • Winter 2008: Mobile UB (mUB): Creating Informal Learning Spaces for Mobile Computing, From the Desk of the CIO, Wireless Network Expansion, Technology Classroom News, IT Transformation News, UBmail Mobile Available, Computer Security News, Research Computing News, Enhancing Cellular Coverage
  • Fall 2007: From the Desk of the CIO: Reaching UB's New Horizon via Information Technology, Research Computing News, UB Emergency Text Alerts, Technology Classroom News, The Unplugged Generation, Digital Coursecasting, Clickers for the Classroom, Security Office News, Workstation Standardization, Voice Over IP, Wireless Network Upgrade