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Eataly Chicago - 3,044 Photos - 3,605 Reviews - Italian Restaurant - 43 E Ohio St, Chicago, Illinois 60611
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Salted caramel gelato for dessert.

— at Eataly Chicago.
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James Kimo Lopaka Cuizon

Selection of fresh fish

— at Eataly Chicago.
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When in Chicago check this place out.the food is awesome and the beer selection unique

— at Eataly Chicago.
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Mari Madden Luangrath

Educating Eric Burr on the ways of Italian desserts

— at Eataly Chicago.
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Cheryl Sutherland reviewed Eataly Chicago5 star

Anybody who thinks this place is unorganized and chaotic should stay away from Italy. I buy meat for special occasions from the butcher, who always tells me exactly how to prepare it. The wine people are always open to discussion and are extremely helpful. Need a certain type of cheese? These guys are experts and I know my way around a Parmesana. Questions about seafood, pasta, or olive oil? There's always someone around to give you advice. If they don't have a solution they will find someone who does. You can stop for a fast arancini or a full meal. What's not to love? PS If you have time take a class. You won't regret it.

Kari Miller reviewed Eataly Chicago1 star
March 29

I liked the food and wine (although definitely overpriced) but the server was completely rude, tossing silverware and plates at us as he rushed passed, and totally unhelpful. He demanded a larger tip from the person next to us and had no qualms whatsoever telling you what he thought about you. Some parts of the restaurant are confusing but no one on the staff was helpful explaining. They should put a sign on the door that tells people not to enter if they aren’t familiar with their concept. I wanted to like it but after this experience I won’t be going back.

Alain Villeneuve reviewed Eataly Chicago2 star
February 18

We were here the day it opened, are neighbors and come every two weeks. Once a fan, I now write in hopes someone from the New York office will troll Facebook and read my comment.

Sadly this place seems to be suffering from chronic mismanagement. Everyone does strictly it’s job and as a result the person bringing food can’t take empty plates, the cooks wear randomly the gloves, and the food appeared to have been returned. A fritto misto looks like highway food a trucker can e...xpect.

Our overweight but kind overworked server, managing a zillion stations warns us three times our order is too much food. “I just ran 18 miles, I am hungry!” - I said from my 6’3” and 15% body fat to be able to place the order.

I will not get drunk here as I must look around 15 minutes to get the attention of our poor server. What this place needs is a true perfectionist running around, more first line staff and attention to details in food preparation. Fingers crossed they fix this. Looks from here like they can’t keep any of the best workers and are running this show with the B team.

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Michelle Pesola Downing reviewed Eataly Chicago3 star
February 21

I had a decent time. I had a good bottle of wine ($65) and a nice cheese/meat board. ($31) After hanging out for a while in LaPiazza and then walking around checking out the place, we made it to the Nutella bar for a dessert ($8) and cappuccino($12). Pretty expensive but I prepared for that, being downtown.
I thought the customer service was poor..,the server wasn’t very knowledgeable on the wine and cheeses at all, she read the menu back to me...Ummm, I already did that...
If I had a question and asked an associate walking around, they would say “it’s not their area” (ok...then point me in the direction of who can help). The cashier was so rude and disinterested, I thought I was on a episode of Punked.

Patrick Dougall reviewed Eataly Chicago2 star
February 20

I’ve been here a couple times and I remembered it being better in previous visits versus my most recent visit. For being a newer place it appears to be falling apart, I noticed a lot of maintenance issues including cleanliness. There are many options of places to eat within the same place however it’s a little overwhelming if not familiar with the concept. Food is good although I think it is very overpriced for the amount you get and the lack of service you would get compared to other places similarly priced. I enjoy being able to shop in the same place you dine but unless prices are lowered and/or service improves, I’ll probably not consider coming here to dine again.

Ken and I took the Wednesday 10:30 Grande tour of Eataly. Bridget, our tour guide, was FABULOUS! She was informative and fun. We thoroughly enjoyed Linda, the fruit and vegetable expert, Dylan the mozzarella guru, Antonio, the king of carcuterie, Simo, our Neopolitan pizza maker,as well as the pasta makers and gelato makers. Bridget led us from station to station seamlessly. We both have a greater appreciation for the excellent service and high quality of food that Eataly offers. Both my husband and I would highly reccommend this tour to everyone.