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Taco Bell
Fast Food Restaurant in Irvine, California

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Taurie Miller
· June 19, 2018
I went to Taco Bell to get food on Sunday 6/17 at about 12:30 am. This was at the Standale Location in Grand Rapids, MI. I was driving and my fiancé was in the passenger seat. We pulled up to the win...dow and I gave the guy my card. My fiancé was video chatting his friend at this time. The guy gave me my card back and one of my waters and said that its illegal for us to be recording him. I said we weren’t and he continued to say that we were. The manager, Taylor, came to the window and said its illegal to do that and again I said he isn’t recording him he’s video chatting his friend. Taylor said, "okay" and went back to making food. I was waiting still and he continued to say, “ It’s not real smart to be effing with people handling your food” To which I replied, “You probably shouldn’t be talking to customers like that” he came back to the window and said, “What was that? I quit tonight so don’t think I won’t come out there and eff both you the eff up.” I ignored him and then manager finally came back to the window. Taylor, the manager said, “What’s going on?” I said, “Do you hear the way he is speaking to me?” To which he replied, “Hes just having a rough day” I asked for a refund and he told me he needed the debit card back in order to do that, I gave him the debit card. As he was doing to process to refund me the worker continued to flip us off and swear at us then proceeded to come up to the window right next to where his manager was standing grab my other water that I did not receive, opened it up, and threw the water in face and directly into our car. I continued to sit there after this because I needed my debit card back. The worker then came out of the store and over near our car and tried to get my fiancé to get out and fight him. I finally received my card back and the manager said to me, ”Sorry” I drove off pulled over to the next parking lot and called the police. I have filed a report and contacted an attorney. I called the corporate office to complain yesterday 6/18 at 11 am and was told that I cannot receive any coupons if I would like a call back regarding the issue.

It completely baffles me that the manager, Taylor, stood there next to him while he was going off on me and not once said a word to this worker.
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Mickey Lipska
· June 20, 2018
We went through the Taco Bell drive-thru at 421 Commerce Drive, Madison, WI on June 16th and ordered 1 Cheese Roll Up, 1 Cheesy Gordita Crunch w/ beans instead of beef and no sauce, and 2 Cheesy Gordi...ta crunches with beans instead of beef and no lettuce.

It came half correct. The cheese roll-up was correct, and one of the Cheesy Gordita Crunches was correct. However, 1 had no sauce and no lettuce, and the other had both lettuce and sauce.

That was not a big deal. My Wife went inside to fix the order but the manager Amber, insisted she did what was on the screen. She did not want to hear that it was wrong. My Wife had the food and the receipt with her but the manager didn't want to see it. After being rude to my Wife and telling her that it needed to be written down, she went back to remake one and get sauce for the other. It took almost 10 minutes to remake it. The store was nearly empty so it was clear to us that she purposely took as much time as she could to do that.

Also, when my Wife asked to keep the one that had to be remade for the inconvenience since we had someone else to eat it, despite the cashier saying yes, the manager just grabbed it and threw it away.

Amber was very rude, had an awful tone and a condescending demeanor the whole time. I asked for her bosses name. Amber told me it is Justin.

By the way, this location often messes up our order. It's really not a huge deal because we stop when we know we have a few extra minutes to deal with it in case it happens. The actual cashiers and workers are generally very nice about it. There's a cashier named Jordan in particular that we love there. This is the first time we have dealt with Amber and she was horribly rude.
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April Estepp
· June 18, 2018
I live in Warsaw, Indiana and the 2 Taco Bells in my City are huge jokes, I dont even know why they are even open. Today made the 4th day we went buy, first 2 days lobby is closed, I'm sorry but I did...n't want to get it to go, 3rd day they close at 9pm, well I guess I'm a weekend they think people don't want to eat after 9pm. Today we go by one, lobby is open yay! Yeah right what a joke, not one employee ever came to the counter to help us, we was completely ignored, and after a couple minutes we left, went by the other location as its closer to my house, nope it was already closed, figured it closed at 9pm like it has been doing. So right now it may be awhile before I spend any money at my local Taco Bells, because they are a joke. See More
Paige Christine
· June 18, 2018
Worst excuse for a Taco Bell I have ever been to and I just moved here. My boyfriend and I ordered a Crunchwrap meal, 2 taco supremes and a chicken quesadilla. First off, you’re supposed to get a taco... with the meal. We only received two. Which were not supremes. No sour cream or tomatoes. My chicken quesadilla was worse. Two of the four sections were completely empty. Barely any cheese and none of the sauce that is supposed to come on it. Absolutely disgusted you can call yourselves Taco Bell. And we would be great customers. Always have been at other locations. Disgusted. See More
Sean Young
· June 17, 2018
When the cravings box first came out, it was my go to every time I wanted something fast to eat. It always filled me up before I could even get to the burrito. But then you decided to get cheap and do...wngrade the meal. The burrito is not nearly as good, the nachos and cheese are better than twists, the Chalupa looks and tastes like Cha-garbage compared to the Gordita Crunch. I get more disappointed every time I give it another chance See More
Anthony Ybarra
· June 17, 2018
The customer service has dropped off the radar. My gf and I wanted to catch happy hour so we dropped by. The person at register was doing something on the screen for a cool few minutes and didn't akno...wledge us. When he finally did, we tried to get the happy hour drinks, but the time he had taken doing what he was doing had put us past by a minute, and they would not give us the HH price. They told us there was nothing they can do, yet asking another employee, we learned that there is a separate button for it. So they lied and wasted our time See More
Lauren Myers
· June 19, 2018
Went to the Lakeline location in Cedar Park tonight and they have us (4) chips and beans when we ordered 4 chips and cheese and then my crunch wrap had barely any chicken and was cold. I go to the Bel...l location and never have had any issues. We had to go back and no refund offered and literally barely any cheese on chips or chicken on crunchwrap. Also, the cashier dropped the bag into our vehicle. Seriously, such an easy order and such bad service! See More
Gary Jenkins
· June 17, 2018
Well I went to the taco Bell near my house the other day and the lobby was closed, so I walked through the drive through an employee then told me that the lobby was closed and he couldn't take my orde...r then when I look obviously upset he said that if I wanted to argue there was a police officer inside, not only was I refused service because I am underprivileged but I was also threatened I then proceeded to go to Wendy's and they GAVE me two sandwiches after hearing the story so taco Bell don't care about it's customers from what I experienced they'd rather throw us in jail because we crave a taco at 1 am and can't afford a car yet See More
Celia Stevenson-Williams
· June 18, 2018
Just left there with my daughter. Got home to eat, we had to scrap the meat off the tacos and heat it up. Didn't feel like coming back, but I just want to know, how can you serve cold meat and was bu...sy? I suggest bumping your par levels up a bit to accommodate the busy hours, so the meat is hot and ready to go. Rushing to prepare packaged meat isn't good. Someone can get sick. See More
Keagan Graham
· 10 hours ago
Taco Bell IS the best. The customer service might not be the best SOMEtimes, but it IS pretty consistent. They got my order wrong one time, and I called corporate, and they didn't even complain or y...ell at me, and even sent me a few free "item" coupons the next week. Thanks Taco Bell for winning my heart. I really miss the Flaming Hot Fritos burrito, and the old school chicken burrito, but it's all good. We can make it happen. See More
Tux Stauffer
· June 17, 2018
If I could do no stars I would... the naked chicken chalupa seriously sucked... probably would be a lot better if you didn't use rubber chicken... this is the first chalupa that has ever disappointed ...me (really disgusted me)... and rolling a burrito isn't that hard, my youngest son could roll better burritos when he was 6 than anything I've gotten in the last 6 months... and no my burrito complaint isn't from one location, it's any location I've been to... See More
Michael Danner
· 10 hours ago
This review is only for the watermelon slushy it is the worst thing that I've ever gotten out of a fast food drive-thru tastes like bitter watermelon rind more than actual watermelon and the candy doe...sn't help it's cause in any way, I do not recommend to anyone. See More
Maureen Lavene- McCrary
· 10 hours ago
In the last 10 visits to the Taco Bell here in Granbury, TX they have gotten our order right 0, that’s ZERO times! Are they really that inept? I don’t visit Taco Casa that often because it is farther ...away but they have NEVER gotten my order wrong. Then let’s top it off with the fact that I called Taco Bell to tell them about this latest order mess up and I’m stuck on hold, ok not a problem at first but for over 5 minutes?!? Who knows how long I would have been on hold, after 5 minutes I hung up!! I will be calling back but won’t be as friendly this time! Ggggrrrrr I’m mad! See More
Jessica Payne
· June 19, 2018
I sat in the drive-thru (Muscatine, Iowa location) for my entire one hour lunch break with only 4 cars in front of me. All I ordered was three soft shell tacos. How much time do you think that left me... to eat? I will not be returning. See More
Brian Lilly
· June 17, 2018
This could have the worst service of all the fast food places around here. Never fails every time we go the order is incorrect or they forget more than half your order. Then you call to complain and t...he phone is off the hook. Such a joke See More
Abby Kane
· 12 hours ago
Got a chicken quesadilla for dinner, the one end piece had no cheese or chicken in it, the other end piece was maybe 1/2 full of cheese and chicken. What a rip off.
Marj Putnam
· June 19, 2018
I stopped at the Epping Nh Taco Bell and was first greeted by a woman that cut me off mid sentence to tell me that they were out of the item I was ordering. So I settled for something else. Got to the... window and the woman handing me my food looked like she had just rolled out of bed without showering. Her make up was all over and looked like no care was given to her hair. Made me sick. I am not a complainer but come on! If I was her manager I would have sent her home. I will never go back there again. Wendy’s is right next door. I will go there from now on. See More
Liss Wellwithinme Colbert
· June 19, 2018
We pull up at 230 and an employee says we're closed. We called them out on the website says you close at three so they took our order. I knew something was wrong when they handed the box to us as s...oon as we got to the window. Maybe their service is better in the day time but its horrible at night. Our orders are never right. I really wanted a steak nacho box but the only thing right was my mango tea. I was scared to eat it. It was cold. Instead of steak there was a pile of refried beans, no nacho cheese, no fork to eat with, just horrible. I wasted my money. We work at UofL and we love tacos. So on our lunch its the closest one to go to. Hamburger woulda been better than the beans. The taco bell on first and Broadway, Louisville ky is the best. I tried the box first time on Friday and everything was right. There was plenty of meat and cheese. The chips was just right. But I will never eat at the brook street location again. See More
Sandra Marlene Morris
· June 18, 2018
Winchester Taco Bell needs a new management team from messing up simple orders to leaving items oit and they can never stay stocked. They seem to always be out of something today they are out of chips... and steak. I mean come on learn how to order. How in the world are they going to be out of chips. Come on! Maybe this is why I always either don't get my chips or get only 3 to 5 chips in my bloody bag... See More
Charles Royal
· June 19, 2018
If the new steak box looked like it did on tv it would be great but all you get is chips beans and little sour cream if it had any steak I did not see it my last time at Taco Bell I work hard for my m...oney if there profit margin is not enough they need to go in another line of work See More

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