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Arno's Butcher and Eatery - Bewertungen - Bangkok - Speisekarte, Preise, Restaurant-Bewertungen | Facebook
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Shandi Suchada hat Arno's Butcher and Eatery bewertet – 4 Stern

The place was quite noisy and choatic. It was good for hanging out in a big group. You have to select cuts and grades of meat at butcher counter. Staffs did not help much. Portion was quite big - starting from 4xxg to more than 1kg. It took time for cooking, so steak was always the last served. However, quality and taste was great compared to the price. Try mango ice-cream, good one.

Kunnai Natcha hat Arno's Butcher and Eatery bewertet – 1 Stern

So disappointed since the first time I stepped inside the restaurant. If you would like to keep running this business to the upper level of customers, please do not hire uneducated staffs who could only deliver a service level like I am in "moo grata" restaurant. It is not that hard to smile and speak with a nice tone of voice. Last but not least, please train your staffs to not run around the restaurant like 5 years old kid. It is too much and I hope that the owner of Arno would consider my comment and improve the service.

Kik Sopinun Rakdee hat Arno's Butcher and Eatery bewertet – 4 Stern

Arrived on Thu night with no reservation but staff manage to get a table for two for us. Very crowded and everyone is running around like a bunch of sheep so it doesn't feel like relaxing at all but their service is great including in the super jam parking space. The food is ordinary Vs high price. I can have better taste somewhere else at cheaper price though.

- Bad service at the Butcher counter I am not impressed about how the staff talked to me and my friends.
- Very noisy.
- Improper management about the parking spot.
- It is not the kind of restuarant that you can spend time to taste your food and wine, It's more like grab-and-go restuarant.


-The waitress and waiter were nice and friendly.
- The food quality is average not beyond the expectation.

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If you want to eat delicious beef steak in Bangkok, you must come Arno's.
Speciality dry aged beef restaurant provides you the best steaks.
Especially T-Bone!
Of course, another menu including appetizers and salads ...etc. are also very delicious!

วิชุดา ลิมป์ธีระกุล hat Arno's Butcher and Eatery bewertet – 2 Stern

The place is low but the price is high. Services from staffs were so so. In the dinning room the cieling is low and packed with all tables, then when food were served, the room was smelled and kinda smoky. The food was quite fast and the tases was OK.

Gagamin Orawee hat Arno's Butcher and Eatery bewertet – 1 Stern

meat quality might be excellent, service minded attitude seems to perform in opposite direction.
The staff member didn't put effort to give customer information or didn't even care to explain the different types of meat. probably, he thought that he was there just only to take note on how many grams customers need to for dry-aged meat. That kind of service minded attitude wouldn't be even provided by hawker stalls.

Ordered 500g of tenderloin, sidedishes french fries and mashed potatoes, peppersauce and trufflesauce. French fries served after 40 minutes, 15-20 minutes after that the mashed potstoes were served. 15 minutes later we had to ask for our meat. Meat was served 5-7 minutes after we asked, but no sauce. Again we had to ask for the sauce. The meat, sauce and the french fries tasted good, but the mashed potatoes did not taste good and was by now cold. The presentation of the mashed potatoes was awful, like a splash on a flat plate. The service was also not impressive. Even if the meat was good, I would not recommend this place. There are so much better places in Bangkok for meat lovers, like El Gaucho. It's more costly, but their meat and service are outstanding.
Arne Selnes

Botan Chuenpanichkit hat Arno's Butcher and Eatery bewertet – 1 Stern

21 oct 2017 Raw burger was served at Arnold Emquartier and I was hospitalised for three nights because of it!

My friends and I had dinner at Arnold last thursday at about 6.45pm. Everyone ordered different types of burgers, all medium. Mine was the traditional one (number one on their burger menu page). The beef patty of my burger was served raw and had a rotten smell to it. I didnt know much about beef and the way its supposed to be cooked so at the time I didnt know that b...eef patties, unlike steaks, cannot be served as pink as that as raw beef patties contain e coli. So for my burger, I just took one bite and stopped eating. I told my friends it was horrible so they shared their burgers with me. I didnt think much of it at the time because we were in such a rush to finish the meal as we had to catch a movie at 7.30pm. The following day, I had a high fever (39) and a severe pain in my tummy and I couldnt eat anything without wanting to throw up. On saturday morning I was rushed to the hospital. Had to do ultrasound and CT scan. I was diagnosed with infective colitis (bacterial infection in bowel). I was hospitalised for three nights, all the while I was in so much pain both the fever and stomach pain. I was afraid to move my body because of the pain.

On monday (25 oct) My friend who dined with me at Arnold decided to contact the store manager and told her about my ordeal. My friend sent her everything, doctor's note, photos of me being hospitalised, as well as proof that we did have dinner there. The restaurant manager said someone from the head office would contact us. But no one did. We didnt hear a thing from their headoffice. So yesterday (28 Oct) my friend contacted the same manager again and she simply said that I should call the head office to follow up on the issue. This makes me feel that they have no responsibility and accountability for their customers' wellbeing. I was hospitalised for three nights because of their raw burger. I know we live in a very relaxed country but this really is a new low in terms of accountability and responsibility for customers. Yes you can dine there they will accept your money, no problem. But if things happen or their food makes you sick, be ware that you are on your own.

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Good food & good staff, good draft beer and reasonable price. Great new rooms with more space. Need more red wine selection by glass. But overall Really love being here