Jim Scinta

jim scinta

PhD 1978, MS 1975

Jim is a 1978 graduate from SUNY at Buffalo earning his M.S. (’75) and PhD (’78) in Chemical Engineering. His graduate studies were conducted under Dr. Sol Weller, with a PhD thesis focused on the catalytic hydrodesulfurization and liquefaction of bituminous coal. Jim joined Phillips Petroleum R&D in 1977 and during his initial years he focused on methods to produce alternative liquids from a variety of feedstocks including coal, tar sands and eastern oil shale. When interest in alternative fuels waned, Jim focused on catalyst production systems and he led the development and execution of a catalyst manufacturing process within R&D.

Jim then moved to a subsidiary in Houston, Catalyst Resources, where he served as plant manager for the production of catalysts for the plastics industry. This initial role in manufacturing was followed by another plant management assignment in Borger, Tx where he was plant manager for the multi-product Philtex/Ryton facility. After a brief stint in business development Jim returned to manufacturing and for 5 years he lived in Puerto Rico and was the President of Puerto Rico Core. He served for a year in strategic planning and then moved back to Phillips R&D (later ConocoPhilips R&D) for the next 14 years. In R&D he had a variety of assignments including leading new process technology development, developing a new approach to refining improvements, and building an organization that integrated technology developments related to process aspects of Canadian oil sands production and the refining of the oil sands oil. When ConocoPhillips split into an E&P company (ConocoPhillips) and a refining/chemicals company (Philips66) he became the Manager of Production Technology for ConocoPhillips. Here Jim was responsible for oil and gas production technology including flow assurance, scale control, water treatment and corrosion control.

Jim has been active in the development of knowledge about R&D and innovation. Jim was an active member of the Industrial Research Institute for many years where he served in a number of leadership positions including Chairman (2010-2011). He is still involved as an emeritus member of this organization.

Jim was the CEO of ScintaPetroTech Consulting LLC from December 2013 to 2016. He was responsible for evaluation and assistance in commercialization of technology solutions for the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industry. Jim joined the CBE advisory board in 2015 and he is currently continuing to consult as an independent consultant.