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On Thursday, October 3, 2019, over 100 members of the UB community gathered in Slee Hall to honor exceptional alumni, students and corporate partners at the Sixth Annual School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Awards Night.

The project — a partnership with Scripps Research — will leverage technology licensed from UB.

MedTech Dive that the FDA has awarded breakthrough device status to Garwood Medical Devices’ technology for tackling biofilm infections on prosthetic knee implants. The device — BioPrax — was developed using technology licensed from UB. 
Biospace was one of several media outlets to report on UB partner company Garwood Medical Devices, which has been granted a “Breakthrough Devices” designation that will expedite review of the company’s BioPrax™ device by the FDA.

BioPrax™, a medical device created using technology licensed from UB, is being developed to improve the treatment of periprosthetic joint infections.

When a family member is in surgery, a lack of information turns into stress, anxiety and uncertainty for those in the waiting room.
An article in the Buffalo News reporting that Garwood Medical Devices has received a $500,000 investment from the Western New York Impact Investment Fund notes that the company uses patented electrical stimulation technology that was developed in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

This summer, five teams of UB students who didn’t know each other from Adam came together in a startup boot camp to develop a medical device to solve a devastating and costly surgical complication.