Program Requirements- Combined Degrees

Students accepted into the BME BS/MS or BS/MBA combined degree program are eligible to take two graduate courses to replace two senior Technical Elective courses.


Students who are accepted into the BME BS/MS degree program will be eligible to take two graduate courses in their final two semesters of the BS degree program.  

Combined degree students are required to complete BE 501 Human Biology for Biomedical Engineers (3 credit hours) in the Fall semester of Senior year, and BE 502 Quantitative Analysis in BE (3 credit hours) in the Spring semester of Senior year.  Failure to successfully complete these courses in the Fall and Spring of their fourth year would constitute grounds for dismissal from the program, as they would not be making adequate progress toward the combined degree. These courses replaces two Technical Elective course required for the BS degree.  Combined degree students in the BS/MS program are only required to complete one Biomedical Engineering Senior Technical Elective course.  

Students must hold a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 at the end of the first Fall semester in the BS/MS program (after completing BE 501).  If the cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0 then students are not eligible to take BE 502 in the Spring semester (per University policy), and as such, would be dismissed from the BS/MS program. Students must then take an approved undergraduate senior technical elective course to satisfy BS requirements.  Students would be eligible to be considered for admission to the MS program.


In the fourth year, students must complete the Petition for Course Credit Outside Your Primary Academic Career form* for enrollment into the following: 

- BE 501, Fall semester

- BE 502, Spring semester

*This form must be submitted to the the BME department before the start of each semester.

In the fifth year, students will complete all remaining Graduate coursework toward the MS degree.  Students will work with the BME Graduate Director and the Academic Coordinator to plan remaining MS coursework.  Upon completion of the 30 credit hours of graduate coursework, students must pass a comprehensive examination.  Information regarding the Comprehensive Exam can be found here.


Admitted students begin MBA coursework during the Fall of their Senior Year. Throughout that senior year and the next additional year students complete the MBA curriculum and their few remaining undergraduate requirements. Students in this combined degree program are only required to complete one Senior Technical Elective Course.

More information regarding course requirements for the BME BS/MBA program can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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