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Engineering a Healthier Future
Active Learners

The BME core courses provide hands-on engineering experiences that involve design and modeling. Our students are encouraged to explore particular interests in greater depth. Students have numerous opportunities to participate in research and watch medical discoveries move from bench to bedside.

Student Researchers

We provide the environment for you to excel.  Our faculty members work closely with students as part of their research activities, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed for them to become successful researchers themselves.

Journal of American Chemical Society

UB Biomedical Engineering Researchers Develop a new drug delivery method to target cancer cells - not the entire body - and limit the side effects of chemotherapy.  This image shows a nanoballoon before (left) and after (right) being hit by a red laser. The laser causes the balloon to pop open and release the anti-cancer drugs directly at a tumor. Credit: Jonathan Lovell.

Discover what makes Biomedical Engineering at UB the right choice for you.

What is BME?
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